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7 Best horror movies 2014 that you must Watch !

Horror movie fans, sorry to say that, but 2014 has not been such a strong year for this genre. Of course this does not mean that we are lacking in quantity of fresh releases, but the overall quality has been below par for most cases.
All is not lost though. Here we will try to salvage last year’s best for you horror fans. Some of the movies were too seat-grippingly, stomach-churningly terrifying for general releases.

Below are the best horror movies 2014. Grab a popcorn, some cushy seats, turn of the lights and let the horror show begin. Happy Screams 🙂

The Babadook

This is no1 of our best horror movies 2014. In this movie we find a single mother who still can’t get over the death of her husband in a car crash, years afterwards. The crash happened when he was on his way to take their son to a hospital. The premise of the movie is that a creepy children’s book appears by itself in the house. The book is about a monster named The Babadook.

best horror movies 2014 - babadook

The young son is becoming increasing frightened of it as the creature seems to be trying to find a way into the mother’s soul and then harm the boy. But the real beauty is finding if it is actually a monster or maybe mental illness of the mother causing it all. This is a first time director debut in this Australian supernatural horror and is quite great. The acting by both the mother and the boy needs to be appreciated her as well. Overall, this is a smartly written, vivid story based around a really creepy monster.


This is no2 of our best horror movies 2014. One of wildest 2014 horror movies, Oculus is a genuine gem in the somewhat tardy and repetitive haunted house trope. The trailer had left many disappointed, from its use of moving mirrors and creeping shadows etc. all very familiar, so maybe lower expectations led to this being a pleasant scary wonder.

best horror movies 2014 - oculus

The movie revolves around two siblings who meet up after a long time. The younger brother had murdered their father and was sentenced to any asylum. Now he is released and her sister believes she found the mirror which caused all the supernatural occurring in their house and led to him murdering their father. Together they take another shot at destroying the mirror and complete the work that they started so many years ago. This is a slow burn movie, with a nice storyline thus do not expect too many cheap jump scares or special effects. Still, this movie is one of the best horror movies of the year.

What We Do In The Shadows

This is no3 of our best horror movies 2014. This is a horror-comedy movie with more focus on the comedy aspect. This is a New Zealand production, so good for them giving us something this unique and good. The story is about three vampires from the Middle Ages, who these days are sharing a house in Wellingtion. A mockumentary crew follows their day to day lives.

best horror movies 2014 - whatwedointheshadows

The vampires are Vladislav (Clement). , Viago (Waititi), Deacon (Brugh). There is just great sill fun and a lot of social satire, which along with great performances, good research into vampire mythology make this easily the best vampire-comedy ever made. This is saying a lot as a ton of vampire parodies get made every year and are bashed by critics. So do see this one.


This is no4 of our best horror movies 2014. Many of us are always conscious of those door to door missionaries and have concerns regarding them. In US, the Mormon missionaries have quite a bad reputation, often on their becoming increasing irritant on an demonstration of encouragement. This movie plays on our these discomforts , in a worst case scenario what is sure to leave you uncomfortable from opening your doors to strangers again.

best horror movies 2014 - missionary

The movie revolves around Elder Brock (Mitch Ryan) who is a young, handsome Mormon. He is exposed to a single, not well to do mother and becomes close to her and her son. With time, as their relationship develops, sexual tension mounts and things start becoming unholy with lust leading to obsession. This is a fantastic horror movie for Fatal Attraction type movies fans.

Odd Thomas

This is no5 of our best horror movies 2014. This is a fairly high budget ($27mn) movie but due to a financing dispute, it lacks good marketing and is thus quite unknown. A cook with future seeing abilities in California meets a mysterious man with ties to dark forces.

best horror movies 2014 - oddthomas

All the signs point to a massacre happening. The question is where and when? And what can he do to stop it. This movie is from the director of ‘The Mummy’ and ‘G.I. Joe’, and this movie is much smarter than his previous ones. This movie is based on Dean R. Koontz’s novel.

13 Sins

This is no6 of our best horror movies 2014. This is a movie in which greed triumphs over sense in homely premise of 13 sins. Fans of original Saw will love the low budget charm and twisted horror of this movie. This is a remake of a 2006 Thai move, but thankfully it doesn’t have the same mistakes as other remakes do so often.

best horror movies 2014 - 13sins

The lead, Mark Webber, delivers an excellent performance and really lifts the whole film. He plays an out of luck salesman, who is struggling with bizarre and creepy challenges from uncomfortable phone calls, which promise him lucrative financial rewards for completing the tasks. Critics are divided on this but most reviews agree this is a solid thrill to keep you engaged and satisfyingly horrified.


This is no7 of our best horror movies 2014. This movie did not make many critic fans, but horror fans were waiting on this one nonetheless. It has all the ingredients of a cheesy, cliché horror flick; Gorgeous leading lady in Allie (Tammin Sursok, Australian actress), in a relatable story about a damsel in distress who is backpacking around Thailand along with some friends and is being stalked.

best horror movies 2014 - cam2cam

As usual, the new friends from back home she has made here are not what they appear to be though, and Allie gets caught in the business of her new pals and the eponymous cam site for which they perform. The story is a little stale and too many twists can be confusing, but it is still one of the sexiest horror movies of 2014.

That’s it and hope you enjoyed our list of best comedy movies 2014. If you believe some else movie deserved a slot in the top 6, do mention in the comments.

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