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Best Code Editors with Syntax Highlighting

Coding is an important part of the life of developers, writing the code becomes really hectic if one is not provided with all the necessary things needed to code in the right way. Most of the beginners find it difficult to code because they are not aware of the amazing tools like code editors which can be used to write code in an easy way with best syntax highlighting for many languages. This article aims on some of the best code editors to make you code in a more easy way than before.

Code Editors

Following are the benefits of using a code editor:

  1. You are able to easily trace out the error causing element in your code.
  2. You can write code easily with suggestive code writing.
  3. You can easily have syntax highlighting for most of the language to have a check that whether the syntax is right or not.
  4. You can easily find the opening and closing of your script tags (either in php, html or any) with these syntax highlighters.
  5. You can install third party plugins to your code editor which have great varieties available to let you code more and more easily.
  6. And there are many more benefits of using a code editor.

Best Code editors – Making code writing more easy and comprehensive:

Following are the one of the most good code editors, you can install them in your laptop or development machine in no time. Whether you are a pro or a beginner you are going to need these ultimate code editors:

Sublime Text – The ultimate code editor:

Sublime text is one of the best code editors available right now, it has a large community of developers who have developed many great plugins for it. It has support for a large number of languages like:

HTML, Python, PHP, Ruby and C++ and Much more!

It can easily highlight the syntax of the language being used. Showing you the code blocks in a proper way so that you may code things in the right way. A minimap appears there at the right side of the sublime text screen to let you have a review of the entire code. If you are going to use a plain text editor that will not help you distinguish between the functions of language being used. If you will write some wrong code with wrong syntax then the syntax highlighting will just go in odd colors in sublime text making you feel that something is wrong in the code.

Sublime Text

There are also lot of themes (22 in number) available for the sublime text in the view section, you can choose the white theme or else black suits well as it doesn’t put stress or strain on the eyes.

One of the best things about sublime is that it autocompletes the most of the written code and gives you hints for the code. Like if you want to write an if statement in the php then on writing the if it will automatically give you drop down of php functions containing if and upon pressing if in the drop down suggestions it will autocomplete the if statement.

It has tabbed editing support, can search for a piece of code in the files. You can also edit the files online with it using ftp access to the server. It has great options like searching for a specific code and replacing it with the required one.

Versions of Sublime Text:

It has got two versions at the present, the sublime text 2 which is a stable release with a lot of plugins. There is a beta build of sublime text also available which is sublime text 3.

It works on both Mac OSX, Linux and Windows.

Notepad++ – The code editor with syntax highlighting:

Notepad++ used by a lot of developers is a good choice if you don’t want much options except syntax highlighting and code line mentioning. It has also got the support for themes and autocomplete coding assistance. Same as sublime text it has got tabbed code editing. You can also access to ftp with it directly to edit the online files on a server with ftp access. With notepad++ you can also search for a piece of code and can replace it with your required code.


Above is the notepad++ with the white theme. It’s good for both beginners and newbies in the world of programming. Download Notepad++┬ásince it has got support for Windows!

jEdit – Code Editor with much options to adopt:

It has the support for syntax highlighting for over 130 languages. It is recommended for mature programmers and has support for auto completion too which will help to code in fast manner. It is written in java and has many plugins. It has support for copy pasting from unlimited number of clipboards. It has options like code and text folding to make the code blocks expand or collapse. Same as the notepad++ and sublime text it has got options like tabbed code editing and editing over ftp access.


It works on windows, mac osx as well as unix operating systems. Visit jEdit to download.

RJ text editor:

A good code editor but not that much competitive as the other code editor companions. It is just supported on the windows only and supports round about 18 languages to work on. One good thing is that it has got both complete as well as portable version to take with you anywhere. It has got tabs, toolbars and panes to change your workspace. Again it supports the auto completion of code and text folding. You can also edit files online using the ftp access. Download RJ Text Editor!

RJ Text Editor

You can try all the above code editors, these are some of the good code editors worth trying. Sublime text and notepad++ are good for beginners with a good interface.