Bernie Sanders calls Trump as worst president in history

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Mr Trump has been playing well on the international arena. He has given nationalism a new shape. If someone looks at the history of 1920 when America was reluctant to join League of Nations then it will become clear that the current stance of president is quite similar in nature. He is skeptical of the globalisation concept. Steering America out of international deals like JCPOA, Paris Climate Accord, NAFTA and Trans-Pacific trade has rendered this ‘America First’ image to the Trump’s presidency.

Bernie Sanders has declared Trump as most hated president in the American history. He has called him xenophobic and an utter bigot. He shared his views while talking to a political rally in Maryland. It is being anticipated that president will face a tough time after mid-term elections give more space to democrats. Hillary Clinton has not ruled out the possibility of running for the elections again. While speaking at Bethesda on Tuesday night, Sanders was on fire as he declared Trump as inefficient. He declared that democrats were soon going to control the House and the Senate. Now whether his claims take a hold or not that depends upon the elections. However, Sanders quite confidently attacked Trump without considering him a president.

He blamed republicans of attempting to suppress the vote. He accused them of fearing for the future. He claimed that republicans want to suppress the voice of people as they fear the government might be toppled. “They want to suppress the vote. We want to have a ‘huge’ voter turnout,’ said Sanders. Jealous was quite unknown in the political circles until he helped Sanders run for his campaign. Later that year he decided to become a candidate himself. He is now attempting to unseat one of the country’s most-popular governors, Larry Hogan.

The result of the election and the future trajectory of the politics will only be revealed after this mid-term elections. Whether Republicans take a majority or Democrats, this only the time will tell, meanwhile try to digest this statement of Bernie.

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