Most Beneficial Apps in Apple Mac Appstore

With a New Year start, the sales of Apple Mac rise to the whole new level. Flurry analytics declares that 51% of mobile sales include Apple iPhones, iPods, and Apple Mac. At this point of time, many Apple Mac hard drives are waiting to get filled up by apps. You wonder how to get the best out of your Mac.

Here are the five most beneficial apps in Apple Mac store that can provide you tons of benefits with just a few clicks. Be more productive  and show your creativity with these apps in hand.


Most Beneficial Apps in Apple Mac Appstore

Most Beneficial Apps in Apple Mac Appstore

1. Evernote:

Don’t bother if you have not got a sharp memory. Evernote gives you access to store all your random thoughts and to assemble them. This application works well for writers, students, businessmen and many other professionals.

Keeps you organized

It is a digital alternative to ‘notebooks’ that collects and organizes information for you and keeps a record of it. Along with that, it provides syncing options so that you can easily share notes with your friends and colleagues.

You can keep all details at one place and access them anywhere through your mac. From small notes to long research articles, Evernote keeps a record of everything for you.
But wait, Evernote is not your ordinary note-taker like many other applications; it’s an all in-one app that offers you a lot more than that. One key trick of benefiting more from Evernote is by adding more to it.  The more you get the hang of this app by using it, the more it has to offer you.

Web Clipper Extension

This tool of Evernote allows you to save articles for the future reference and lets you add notes to them as well. Isn’t it perfect for your research projects? Thanks to Apple Mac store, you don’t have to create clutter in your room and in your mind by unorganized stuff. Just take small notes while going through articles of your choice and view them later to organize your work. Web clipper lets you save notes from one article with other related notes making your work easier.

Use tags to connect notes

If you’re worried that creating a lot of notes will create a problem for you, using tags is the solution. If you have created notes that are relevant to many notebooks create tags to connect all of them. You can easily search your notebooks by Evernote’s advanced search through these tags. Furthermore, even these searches can be saved to keep a good record of your activity.

2.  iwork:

This application of Apple is an a suite created for OS X and iOS operating systems. This is an all in one solution for composing documents. It includes three apps; a keynote, pages, and numbers.


This app of iwork lets you create presentations ready with custom data format. This lets you enable editing, designing and creating tech-layouts for your presentations. So impress your clients, business partners and teachers with a great presentation tool in hand.


This app is equivalent to Microsoft word and creates wonderful page layouts for you along with a variety of languages. Pages enables you to create, edit and share content via icloud.

Numbers- Make spread-sheets with few clicks

You can count on iwork for creating all kinds of graphical representations with few easy steps. Get your facts presented and your calculations ready with this app of iwork. It has compatibility with Microsoft excel.

3. Pixelmator

You want a good photo editor but also to avoid heavy technicalities of Photoshop; Pixelmator is right here for you. Pixelmator being considered best app of Mac App Store 2011 has a lot of similar features like Photoshop but with a relatively lower price.

Spike up your creativity by downloading Pixelmator from Apple Mac store.

Paint realistically

Pixelmator gives you complete control of what you are drawing due to the customized tools. From the shape and size of brush tip to type of stroke, you can choose everything to make your experience as realistic as on a canvas.

Get flawless photos by ’Retouching’

If you want your photos to look their best, count on this tool of Pixelmator. This will let you correct, remove and repair all unwanted aspects of your photos.

Get artistic skills with this app in hand!

4. Dropbox

If you have an office computer, a home computer, and a Mac, you can understand the need of syncing files across all of these devices. Dropbox provides a carrier path to get your files sync across all of these computers. No worries, if you accidently deleted important files from your system or

Dropbox lets you upload audio, video and word files up to 2 GB for free. You can earn more space in Dropbox folders by following some simple steps such as connecting with friends on Dropbox, connecting Dropbox with social media portals (Facebook, twitter) and completing the start up guide.

5. 1Password

Do you have hard time remembering passwords for different accounts? 1Password app available on Apple Mac store makes it easier for you. 1Password helps you to create strong and unique passwords so you don’t have to use the same password over and over (a bad practice) with fear of forgetting.

Get virtual security:

1Password app allows you to store your credit card information, passwords and security questions to autofill forms for you in a confidential form, without having you remember all of this. You can’t forget your important information at home with this app in hand.

Share information with team members

This application of Apple Mac store gives you access to share company logins with your colleagues and keep them updated with any changes you make.

Take your important information with you everywhere

1Password enables syncing your secret information across all your devices, so you don’t have to worry about saving passwords at every other device you use.