Bees living on Notre Dame cathedral roof survive blaze

Last week a horrible incident took place which resulted into dilapidation of the famous Notre Dam Cathedral. The christian community from all around the world was not ready to believe that their sacred place had caught fire. Several news started to circulate the internet regarding the Notre Dame fire incident. The top of the cathedral was almost destroyed. The next phase was to think about putting off the fire. In this regard, the fire fighting squad was called on site and it took some extreme measures to put out the fire.

After the fire was extinguished, the next thing which worried the authorities of France was the reconstruction of the sacred site. In this regard, detailed drawings of the structure are being extracted from various sources. These sources include Assassin’s creed game (in the game Notre Dame is present as some artist made a 3d model of it) and a model of Notre Dame meant for the film industry where shooting is often carried out. 

The fate of bees living on the top of Notre Dame is secure

According to one news, there are around 200,000 bees living on the top of the cathedral. When the fire broke out, the future of these bees seemed dark. However, a few days after the fire, it has been confirmed that the bees are up and living. The news has been confirmed by the cathedral’s beekeeper. He has said, “The bees are alive and buzzing.”

Mr Geant, the beekeeper of Notre Dame, has been looking after these insects for the fast 6 years. This measure was taken in order to boost the number of bees in the Paris. It’s worth mentioning that the bees remained untouched by the flames.

The concerns regarding the lives of these bees were raised because European bees do not leave their nest in danger. The experts were speculating that the carbon dioxide would have simply put the bees of Notre Dame in sleep-mode, further the fire would have extinguished the bees. However, this didn’t happen and the bees remained safe and secure.

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