Beauty Queen stripped of Miss Michigan title joins President’s re-election campaign

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A Michigan woman reportedly got disqualified from the Miss World America pageant, to explain the reason of her disqualification she said that she refused to wear hijab and made tweets regarding pejorative gun-violence; therefore, she was disqualified from the pageant. Recently, she decided to start supporting Trump as she seems to be more than willing to make him win the re-election campaign.

I am so excited to now be part of the #WomenforTrump Coalition Advisory Board! Let’s get Trump re-elected for 2020.

Zhu is 20-year-old and she revealed her move of becoming the part of Trump’s campaign on Thursday. She is now a part of the Women for Trump Coalition Advisory Board. TeamTrump, which is official handle to run Trump’s campaign on Twitter, called her efforts to be patriotic and in the favour of the greater national interest. The team also thanked her for supporting Trump.

In an interview given to Detroit Free Press, Zhu claimed that people tried to hack her twitter account. She further admonished the belief of people that being a conservative is worse than being a gay. She admitted that people tried to ridicule and make fun of her because of her decision to be a part of the Trump’s rally.

Zhu in the past had made headlines when she alleged that Miss World American pageant had sent her an email to inform her about her rejection to participate as a contestant in the beauty pageant. She alleged that in the email the reason for her rejection was mentioned – which was her politically charged content shared on her social media account. Zhu is a political commentator.

One of the Trump supporters mentioned that incidents like the one happened with Zhu continue to take place in real world, he opined that people should not have a prejudiced view against someone just because he is a follower of a different political order.

Well, the supporter is pretty right, definitely diversity is beautiful.

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