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Beating Victim loses everything, says government gave away his belongings while he was in coma

Written by Wamiq Ali

Marcel Blanchette, the 52-year-old man, came into senses after an unprovoked beating last December. He was in a coma and when he gained consciousness he came to know that all his belongings had been given away by a public employee assigned to manage his affairs.

Mr Blanchette says that he feels a sense of anguish as it’s a devastation to lose everything. He was admitted to Winnipeg’s Health Sciences Centre after he was attacked. Mr Blanchette says that the government employee made him lose everything including his house.

Blanchette launched a lawsuit against Public Guardian and Trustee of Manitoba which is a provisional agency responsible for handling the financial affairs of disabled people. He claimed that he suffered $93,778 in total during his recovery in the hospital. He estimated the total cost of his belonging which was about $37k, along with legal costs $7k, rent money paid unnecessarily $2.1k and other costs, including refiling taxes and replacing his birth certificate, and claimed this amount in a lawsuit against the government.

Blanchette Filing Lawsuit himself as he was unable to pay for lawyer

The provincial assembly neglects and denies the blames made by Mr Blanchette and uses The Public Guardian and Trustee Act, Section 37 which enables it to exercise its power in the financial management of disabled people. They also denied giving an interview to CBC news in this matter.

Blanchette writes for claims

None of the Blanchette claims has been proved in court but still, he has provided all the details to the media through CBC news. They government agency is also offering him a settlement of $3.7k. The 52-year-old guy is resilient and he says,

I’ve fought too long and hard for this and I won’t give up,

Blanchette endured a December 2, 2014, attack that fractured his skull and caused him some brain damage which sent him into coma. Sherman Kang, a father of 6 was involved in beating Mr Blanchette and was given prison time for the offence. On Jan. 12, 2015 doctors signed an agreement and allowed Public Guardian and Trustee of Manitoba to look after the financial assets of the Blanchette. That particular arrangement lasted for about 13 months.

Blanchette doesn’t speak to his biological family and thus no one was there to take care of his financial assets. The government had to step in and handle all the financial affairs for the betterment of Blanchette.

Blanchette said that he started to develop suspicion only after 3 months of getting recovered from the injuries. His step-uncle helped him create a Gmail account for the sake of communication and through the email, he learnt about losing his apartment and other stuff inside. The public trustee had given up all the Blanchette property including his artwork, tax papers, furniture and clothes. The public trustee had given up his items by weight to Big Brothers Big Sisters charity foundation. The charity foundation was wise enough to keep important documents like diplomas and IT certificates. The charity foundation also saved his photos which he now proudly hangs in his new apartment.

Photographs included in a 2016 affidavit show Blanchette’s belongings

Blanchette believes that income from victim’s compensation fund and Canada Pension Plan disability benefit would have been enough to compensate his expenditures during his stay in the hospital.

It’s really heartbreaking for me, for someone to say that after 50 years of living that what I had in life had no value, says Blanchette

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