Bearded woman isn’t afraid of her beauty and takes pride in herself

This woman started growing her facial hairs when she was merely 12-year-old. She started to shave her facial hair as she feared getting bullied in school. She is now 26-year-old and lives at Virginia Beach. In the beginning, she couldn’t understand the reason of her facial hair growing.

When she was 16-year-old she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This disease causes hormonal imbalance in the body which can lead to hair growth on the face. Later in life, in order to gain some confidence she decided to grow her hair further. She grew out a beard. She got a motivation to grow her beard because of no-shave-November in 2017. This was a viral trend which motivated many males around the world not to shave off their beard for a month. Partner of Nova loves her beauty and praises her facial hair.

Nova was later interviewed by Barcroft TV. She told them that her confidence has been boosted after growing her facial hair. She said, “I was letting go of this thing that I hated about myself for so long and now that it was there, it’s like I’m gonna love this now and I do love it.” She further added that she loved her looks and those hairs on her face. She said that her hairs kept her face warm when it’s freezing outside.

Nova was not this much confident since her childhood. As a teenager she feared going to sleepovers. She was also afraid of people touching her face and finding out her problem with the facial hairs. She someone wanted to hide herself. She said that she felt like being a freak and that affected her confidence in various ways. Nova said that when she grew out her hair first time she felt strange. She used to tell herself that girls are not supposed to grow facial hairs. She felt disgusted with her feelings.

Nova said that when she started growing hairs, she started to shave. Shaving her hairs became a part of her routine. She felt it normal since she shaved her facial hairs for years. Until, later in her life she decided to appear the natural way to the entire world. She decided not to hide her facial hair anymore. Nova last year grew her hair for the first time. When she had a beard because of no shave November, she felt rebellious and she decided to keep that rebellion intact.

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