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Barefoot woman smashes car window with Karate Kick as angry mob attacks driver after accident

Written by Wamiq Ali

According to The Mirror a woman was seen repeatedly kicking the side window of a car after it crashed on the roadside. The strange part is when a single Karate kick of the women actually smashed the entire window. The window might have been weekend slightly as the car had met an accident already.

The details about the incident are not yet known but the video of the angry mob trying to assault the driver have been released on the internet. We all know that internet is a sort of place where anything can go viral.

The car accident happened in Miami which turned out into a violent fight as an angry mob turned on the driver involved in a car crash. The passersby started to film the video.

A woman appears in the video who is wearing a skin-tight green dress and has blonde hairs. She does not wear any shoes and she starts kicking the mirror of the car barefooted. The car driver can be seen sitting motionless inside the car. To the surprise of the viewers, she successfully smashes up the window of the car.

A man on the other side of the car can also be seen smashing onto the glass as he tried to break into the car. It appears that many people were standing there but none of them tries to stop the altercation.

The further details about the incident or not yet known and no police involvement has yet been reported. It is believed that no arrests are made at the moment.

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