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Barbaric Burglars tortured couple with boiling water in a £50k raid and tied them up

Written by Wamiq Ali

Humanity in a mere word for some people and they don’t understand the deep meaning hidden behind. Two barbaric burglars tied a married couple in their raid and then poured boiling hot water on their heads. Both are now being sentenced three lifetimes.

Kacey Adams and Daniel Wallace, 34 and 33-year-old respectively, planned to perform a robbery in the house of 66-year-old John Buswell. Both the Burglars targetted John Buswell home in Halstead, England while he was watching TV and his wife Janis, 64-year-old, knitted clothes for their expected grandchild.

Adams and Wallace were prosecuted by the state after they got captured, and the judge ruled to give them 3-lifetime sentences. The judge stated that both the criminals are ruthless and highly professional and they can reach to any extent in order to reach their goals.

Daniel Wallace and Kacey Adams (From Left to Right)

Both were caught on a plane, and police reported that they were escaping to Dubai. They had worn designer clothes and were in possession of expensive electronic goods. During the burglary, both of the men tied the couple and threatened John Buswell that either he reveals the safe password containing £ £45k or he cuts off his ear.

They poured hot water on John Buswell and his wife Jenis, Jenis was left fighting for life due to the severe burns which she received due to boiling water.

Kacey Adams caught on plane wearing designer goods along with the other guy Wallace

Kacey Adams made Buswell watch boiling water being poured down on his wife and then later on him as well after that Buswell took both the burglars to the underground safe which he thought contained £3000 – £5000. He was then returned to watch another kettle of water being poured on his wife.

John and Janis Buswell

Burglars took all the money from the other safe, took all the jewellery and credit cards, but they made a little mistake which led to their demise. John Buswell had pleaded them to give him water and after he had finished drinking it in a cup, Wallace smashed the cup on the wall, due to which he left his DNA traces. A few weeks later police found him due to the left DNA traces.

Janis told media,

The injuries have left me with permanent disfigurement and I’ve lost most of my hair. I was so proud of it. What these men did was barbaric. Were it not for the medical service I would have died.

Chelmsford Crown Court where burglars were prosecuted (Photo: PA)

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