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Bank worker quits job, shows up as spiderman on last day

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There are people who prefer to earn money using their skills, they sale their skills for a specified set of price. This is commonly known as an employment, or a freelance work. Employment is more frequent in nature because it offers a permanent provision of work, whereas the freelance work offers both growth and risk. The permanency is not ensured in case of freelance work as compared to the security offered by a job. Now, there are both drawbacks and good things regarding both freelance work and employment. It would be unjust to compare the two things. However there are certain people who do their jobs like a freelance work, they are intrinsically bosses of their own self.

Bank worker appears in Spiderman constume after quiting his job

This must be quite intriguing to anyone who goes to work daily and tries to follow the daily norms. A good dress code is also a norm of workplace. People normally wear formal dress while going to a white collar job like a bank. The Imgur user ksguile had decided to quit his job, but being a lively person he decided to wear a spiderman costume just to have some fun on the last day. This must have been exciting thought for a lot of employees. However, unfortunately he works in analysis division of his bank and for that reason no customer saw him in Spiderman costume that day.

However when he uploaded his photos to the social media, he started to gain attention. His fellow employees enjoyed the drill and they praised him for pulling out the costume thing. Someone also uploaded his picture on the Instagram and wrote that this employee is enjoying his last day to work. This was making the boss go wild. In addition to the costume, the bank worker also offered candies to the employees. People praised the guy and were of the opinion that one should dress for the job he wants instead of the job he currently has. Watch this video and see how the drill underwent.

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