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Badass Teenager fools school, police officers & car dealership into thinking him as youngest state senator

Written by Wamiq Ali

A teenager showed that he had all the skills to be elected a real senator. Teen impersonates himself as a youngest state senator and fools an entire school, some police officers and a car dealership.

The 18-year-old teen said that he did all this to prove a point about the school security. Izaha Akins of Marion said that the school thought it couldn’t happen. He also said that he planned to write a paper about his findings.

Akins told the school that he was appointed in place of David Burke who got ill. He was allowed to speak to a high school American Government class where he used his own original name. Reports revealed that the teen actually received an official tour of the school after his speech to the entire class.

The school administration states that the young lad fooled everyone with whom he came in contact that day. The fraud was revealed when Senator Burke actually showed up as scheduled. Now, the authorities realised their mistake and thus they kept their investigation as under cover.

Akins, however, wanted to show everyone the small community effect, which makes everyone thinks that this particular thing can’t happen to us. Akins got charged with one count of impersonating a peace officer and telecommunications fraud.

Akins said that it was quite easy to do something like this, the school could have easily googled him but they didn’t bother to check his identity. The school teacher who announced the illness of the senator actually believed the whole story after receiving a phone call which was just to assure him that the teenager was a replacement.

Another person aiding the teen called the Country Sherrif Mike Hetzel to request an escort to the high school for Akins. The Sharif agreed and setup an appointment for him to come to sheriff’s office. Additionally, someone also called Reineke Ford Tiffin and requested them to provide a car and a driver for a single day visit.

Since, this highly planned thing took place, Akins, the driver and two aides showed up at school that day at 1 pm and everything happened as expected.

The school after learning the scam upgraded their security and made the identity check a mandatory practise.

Akins posing in his mugshot

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