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Badass Jet-boarder rescues flipped over catamaran alone

Written by Wamiq Ali

The humanity in this world is still alive and people are willing to help other people in need. A jet-boarder in Mission Bay Sportcenter at Jetpack America in San Diego, CA helped a flipped over catamaran alone. The wind started to blow in the opposite direction and an imbalanced weight on the catamaran caused it to flip over. A jet-boarder was having fun in the water and was showing some skills. A nearby person at the yacht was filming the jet-boarder.

Everything was going smooth, until all of a sudden, a catamaran flipped over, due to an imbalanced weight of the person boarded and partly due to a sudden change in wind direction, the person filming on the yacht asked if the situation needed some help, but the jer-boarder was a badass. He decided to help the catamaran alone, thus he went into the water, pushed the catamaran in the opposite direction and just rescued the guy boarding. He literally picked up the catamaran and allowed it to float on the water once again.

In the video you can clearly watch how he declined the help of the guy filming him in the yacht, and also successfully rescued the guy in the catamaran. His act was rather brave and also in time, I’m sure that he must have years of practice behind his jet-boarding act.

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