Badass Grandmother beheaded and cooked ISIS fighters head to avenge her family’s death

Written by Wamiq Ali

Wahida Mohammad Al-Jumaily an Iraqi grandmother with shrapnels in her head and legs avenged her family. The love of her family kept her going. Her ribcage was broken but she knew that she had to do something against ISIS in order to avenge her beloved family.

This woman is thought to be among the ones most feared by the ISIS. The woman said that she beheaded and cooked the heads of ISIS fighters just to avenge her family. Her family is dead just because of ISIS.

ISIS killed her second husband this year and had previously killed her father and three brothers. She led her militia into battle just to help the government fight against ISIS. Known as Um Hanadi, She recently helped government liberate the town of Shirqat which is around 50 miles away from Mosul, the stronghold of ISIS.

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CNN took Um Hanadi interview, she said, “I fought them, I beheaded them, I cooked their heads, I burned their bodies.” She also has a Facebook appearance where she had posted photos showing her militia. She calls herself as a house wife. She posted on Facebook several photos of heads getting cooked in a cooking pot on Facebook.

The woman has received personal death threats from the top leadership of ISIS. She had started fighting against the ISIS fighters in 2004. She also worked with Iraqi forces in the battle against al-Qaeda and later ISIS.

The Iraqi ground forces also provided her group with the required weaponry and vehicles. General Jamaa Anad said, “She lost her brothers and husbands as martyrs, so out of revenge she formed her own force.


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