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Backpack Kid sues Fortnite developers for using his Flossing Dance without permission

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Everyone knows about the backpack kid after he became viral for his floss dance moves. His real name is Russel Horning and he went viral on the internet because of the strange dance moves. The kid has made back to the news after he decided to sue the company behind the development of Fortnite. The company name is Epic Games.

The mother of the kid accompanied him in the move. She was interviewed by the media and she said that it was quite inappropriate for the parent company to order developers to use her kid’s dance move in the game. She said that The Floss dance move was about her kid. The mother and son called this one move of Epic Games as pretty unfair. They plan on getting the damages in shape of money.

Floss dance move used in the Fortnite game for which this kid is suing the parent company. He plans on getting the damages.

The video game featured The Floss at one particular event. The floss dance can be seen as a one-time special Emote reward but the players couldn’t buy it. The kid is about to get some fair amount of money from this legal campaign because Fortnite is a pretty popular game and the developers wouldn’t want any negative publicity associated with the game.

Russell Horning is not going to stop here, he plans to sue another company for using his dance moves in the game without his permission. He is about to sue NBA 2k for using his dance moves as a way of players celebration dance. The kid is not alone in this smearing campaign, Alfonso Ribeiro is also suing both the games for using the ‘Carlton’ dance. Other than the dance moves, there is one Rapper who is unhappy about the game developers for not using his rap. Rapper 2 Milly has taken a legal action against them for not using his Milly Rock.

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