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Baby treated with a nap. His parents receive an $18,000 bill

An emergency room patient can be charged thousands of dollars. The surprising fee comes from the Trauma Treatment. The trauma response fees are in thousands of dollars but this kid was not cured of trauma but still, his parents got a massive bill.

Jang-Yeo was on vacations in San Francisco. In 2016, they decided to take some time out and spend some family time in any far-off country. Thus, they came to San Francisco. Their eight-month-old son Park Jeong fell off the bed. The kid hit his head. Parents got worried since the baby was not getting quite after falling off the bed. He was inconsolable.

The father got worried and he decided to call 911 for sake of help in the emergency. The baby was taken to the hospital and doctors determined that the baby had suffered one little bruise on his nose and forehead. The father thought that the baby might have suffered from internal injury.

The doctors made the baby take a nap in his mother’s lap. When the baby woke up he was calm and fine. Some infant formula was also given to the baby. The family later took the baby from the hospital. They enjoyed their vacation.

2-year later, they got a bill from the hospital at their home. The bill amount was $18,836 for 3 hours and 22 minutes. The major portion of the bill contributed towards Trauma Activation known as trauma response fee amounting to $15,666. The father got worried as it was a lot of money.

It’s a huge amount of money for my family. The travel insurance merely covered $5000. I do not want to pay the bill. – Mandate of the Father

The father does not want to pay the bill because he thinks that they did nothing for the kid. According to Vox, American hospitals charge for almost everything which makes a huge sum of money for the bill. If a person is lying in the recovery room then he is paying more with time passing.

The trauma fees often extend to $10,000. Trauma fee is the amount of money which a hospital charges when it collects a team of professionals to cope with coma.

This article is a part of the research work conducted by Vox, they have collected more than 14000 emergency room bills.

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