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Baby killer who punched her newborn daughter to death is found dead in jail

Written by Wamiq Ali

A prisoner has been charged with the murder of another prisoner who was a convicted baby-killer. The baby killer had shaken and punched his 2-day daughter to death. One of the most brutal murders I’ve ever heard in my entire life with no mercy for the child.

Liam Deane, 22yo, was jailed last month since he admitted killing his 2-day old daughter Luna in the family home. However, two days back he was found dead in his cell at HMP Leeds. He got murdered in the jail. Another inmate named John Westland, a 28-year-old guy, took the responsibility of the murder while facing the magistrate’s court.

It’s not clear if Westland concocted to kill the guy in order to revenge the poor baby. We’ll get more hold of this story once the court decides and proceeds. The juggernaut punch had killed the 2-day old girl which put the entire of our audience in stasis because of the misery which child had to suffer.

Liam Deane, got angry that day and to vent out his anger he killed his daughter. He should have circumvented around his anger. Clearly, he was not incisively acting or he could have avoided the loss of his daughter.

The baby girl was crying and the dad lost his temper. He took a hold of the girl, squeezed her body and arms then started to shake her with large force. A tandem of punches and squeezes left the baby into intensive care on July 14. She was taken to Leeds General Infirmary. The dad surely earned a pyrrhic win against his own temper.

Deane found dead at HMP Leeds (in picture)

The prosecutor gave a detailed account of the injuries endured by the baby girl. He said that she received injuries on her brain, body and face. The act was quite erroneous to be carried out. The machination of the Westland will be revealed once court starts hearing. No provision of evidence is necessary to substantiate the murder since he already has pleaded guilty.

The father had called an ambulance for his child by telling a false story. He said that his baby had fallen and was having a difficult time breathing. Paramedics soon found that the baby was a victim of physical abuse. So the father got a lifetime jail but it too ended this Sunday after he got murdered.

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