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Avatar’s sequel to be released in 2021, following one sequel every year afterwards

Avatar 2 has been pushed to 2021, and the subsequent three sequels would be released, consecutively, in the next three years (2022,2023,2024). It’s a good piece of news for the fans of Avatar. The movie had earned a huge following after its first initial release. Subsequently, it gained quite a lot of business. Therefore, it was natural for the fans to wait for its next part.

James Cameron had made an epic return in 2009 with his movie Avatar. He had made a successful movie after almost a decade, as his other hit movie Titanic was released in around 1999. Avatar had become the first film to cross the $2 bn dollar mark; this huge profit meant the movie was best among its counterparts of both present and past. Fans just loved the movie Avatar; however, after watching it for the first time, they always craved for its sequel.

Luckily, according to ‘Screenrant’, Cameron has planned four sequels of the movie. The first sequel is going to be released in December 2021. Initially, the release date of the first Avatar’s sequel was decided to be December 18th, 2020. However, due to certain constraints, it was changed to December 17th, 2021. Such practice of delaying the release dates would mean more quality and a better story.

As far as Avatar 2 is related, Cameron has already put a lot on his plate; however, fans wouldn’t get sceptical about his performance because he often delivers his best. It’s yet unclear if Cameron wants more time to put in these sequels or if Disney is cautious about releasing these movies in such a short period. Keeping in view the track record of Cameron, it’s clear that a year-long wait between his releases is nothing new.

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