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Austria man charged with “Burqa Ban Law” violation cos he was dressed as a shark

An Austria man falls afoul of new Austria’s burqa ban law. The new anti-burqa laws in Austria took a new turn when a man dressed as a shark was charged with their violation. The man fined was a part of promotion team of new electronics store launch in Austria. The electronic store was shark-themed and its name was McShark. On Monday, Austria media reported a man being fined because of the new burqa ban laws in the country. The reason at first glance seems funny and absurd because in Islamic world burqa was specifically meant for women.

The guy was standing wearing a shark costume in front of a newly launched McShark store. The store was newly opened in Austria, Vienna. The guy was a part of the promotional campaign and he was being paid for wearing the shark dress. The guy was approached by Police after some time standing there in front of the store. The Police asked the guy to remove his shark head. The guy refused to do so since he was doing his job. The police decided to charge the guy with an amount equal to €150.

The new laws which aim to prohibit people from covering their faces came into effect in Austria starting October. The advertising agency involved in the campaign shared the incident on Facebook. “Today we were at the McShark store opening and our shark mascot received a fine from the Vienna police because of the new ban on face-coverings! Life is not easy!“, posted Warda on Facebook.

The police released a statement regarding the matter. The concerned officers say that they charged the man for refusing the remove the shark head.

The managing director of the agency says that they aren’t sure if they will continue to use mascots in their advertising campaigns because apparently, it looks that it’s against the laws of Austria.

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