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Australian cricket star’s fiancée converts from Catholicism to Islam

Religion should be a personal matter and no one should force any other person to follow what they believe. Throughout the history, many wars and alliances were made solely on the bases of religions. Christianity and Islam are the top two of the most followed religions on earth.

Many are peaceful towards each other, but there are some that adhere to their religions in a strict and literal manner. Even in modern times, the clashes between people based on their religion occur frequently. Everybody has the right to believe in whatever they want to believe and this is considered a right in most of the free countries in the world. Christians and Muslims live together in many countries and yet there are uneasy times among them.It even leads toward hate and bigotry. And this hate is two way. In the west, Christians are in majority and Muslims are in minority. Mostly the relation among them is peaceful but sometimes, among some people, it can get dark and racist really fast.

Rachel McLellan converts to Islam

Usman Khawaja is a cricketer in Austrailia, he is the first Muslim to play in an Australian team, he is of Pakistani Roots. He fell in love with a white Catholic girl named Rachel McLellan. She is 22 years old and is a girlfriend of Usman. She was a Catholic when she fell in Usama. He said he loved her regardless and it was her decision if she wanted to convert or not. But as always, they are being subjected to mental agony. Catholics harass her for leaving the religion and In case of Usman, his acquaintances taunt him for marrying a white non-muslim. Usman told that he loves her even more now that she has shared his faith. But the internet isn’t taking it lightly and it has sparked an outrage among people. Rachel made a decision to convert to Islam and stuck to it.

A lot of times a lot of the hate I get is from other Muslims on social media, Usman Khawaja said. We will put up a photo of us two, and it will be like, “Oh she’s not Muslim. That’s haram, you can’t marry her”

Usman didn’t put any pressure on Rachel to force her to change religion instead it was her own decision.

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