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Astonishing Future technology that will Change our World !

Since the start of 21st century, technology, especially digital, has progressed by leaps and bounds. If we just think about what was the in trend thing in 2000 and where we are now, we are astonished by our own progress. Cloud computing, smartphones, tablets, laptops and much more, these are the things that have reinvented the way we work and live. But, believe it or not, we are just getting started. Future Technology will get even be better than today’s.

What appears to be science fiction today, will be reality tomorrow.

In this article, we will discuss to future technology real life products that are going to revolutionize tomorrow’s world. Read below to see the marvels future technology promises us.

3D Printing

source: deviant art

source: deviant art

Most people have now heard of 3d printing at least once now. Just as you might imagine, 3d printing can make your digital design into a solid, real life 3 dimensional product. The technology is quite old now for the advanced mechanical industry, but the concept of personal 3d printers is a revolutionary idea.

With the help of a 3d printer, everyone would be able to forge a physical product based on their own design and without help or approval from giant manufacturers.

Form1 is one of the companies hoping to bring the 3d printer to your home soon. The price of $2500+ might not make it ever man’s toy just yet, but this is a luxury product for now.

Just image the benefits of this future technology, when these printers will so common place and individuals will be able to mass produce their own creative work without copyright limitations etc.

Virtual Reality

source: flckr

source: flckr

Virtual Reality was made famous after the legendary Sci-Fi series Star Trek. There were early attempts made at implementing it in the 90’s but technology at that point was not good enough. Most of the focus of Virtual reality has been on gaming and the leading virtual reality startup is Oculus Rift, whose major focus has been on gaming as well.

These game changing 3D headsets let you feel inside your mind as if you are actually in a videogame. There are other companies doing this as well like Sony with its PlayStation etc.

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These products are in the development phase now and developer kits are available. We might first batch of full functional products within a few years hopefully but true immersive and even more complex virtual realities will become mainstream in couple of decade.

This is truly a revolution for entertainment industry and one of the future technologies that everyone is looking forward to.

Smart Things

source: wiki

source: wiki

The internet of things is actually quite a popular field of work these days. Basically, it means that all your daily commodities are able to interact with each other and can be controlled over the internet connection. In other words they become smart, like your smart phone. Smart homes these days generally include smoke detectors, heating and cooling controlled units and such. In future we hope that every surface and everything can become smart, programmable and connected.

SmartThings is one such popular company working on these ideas. Currently they offer different sensors like smoke, pressure, vibration and humidity etc. to detect small changes in your house and alert you and control heating, cooling etc. accordingly.

This future technology will truly make us kings of our houses.

Google Driverless Car

source: wiki

source: wiki

When cars were introduced, everyone thought it was a nice toy and that is all it will remain. We are almost at the same stage with another car related technology. What we once thought was a fantasy, is slowly starting to dawn upon us. Google has decided it is going to take the front step in driverless car technology.

While the whole source is kept in secret, Google driverless car is power by artificial intelligence that monitors video from camera on the car, a ladar sensor on top and some other sensors and radars attached at different position on the car. The test drives have been extremely successful and in the US, couple of states have given them testing licenses as well.

When Google jumped the shark couple of years ago on the project, it was more or less the only major player in this area while today nearly all the major auto companies have their own driverless sections where they are trying to develop this future technology. The driverless cars will apparently make our roads much safer and a much efficient space according to studies.

Food in a Pill

source: deviant art

source: deviant art

Since the 1800s, scientists have been dreaming about manufacturing miniaturized, 100-percent synthetic food from chemicals, so that it may be consumed in tablet or capsule form. Some people thought that this would make homemakers free of the work of cooking or sparing animals from slaughter, while others saw it as a way of meeting world’s food demands for an overgrowing population. Work is being done in this arena as well and with our ever increasing knowledge of important food constituents for our body and their functions, we might yet be able to create something like this that might even become more better for human body that conventional food.


source: ecouterre

source: ecouterre

The first AC unit was made in 1902 by Willis Carrier. In no time (couple of decades), people were escaping summer time heat by going to movie theaters equipped with this amazing new technology. But the air conditioning has a serious drawback, it requires us to stay indoors or within a closed space. Would not it be fantastic if we could somehow wear air conditioning on our bodies and take it anywhere we want to?

Futurists wanted to develop something exactly like that. In 1953, a concept of futuristic ‘Zipper suits’ captured the imagination of crowds. It was hoped such clothing would eliminated the need for large wardrobes and the suits would act as an all-weather defender of sorts.

Today, work is being done in this area. Especially, military is quite interest in this as it would protect their soldiers from harsh weathers around the world. A Japanese company marketed a shirt made with a built in fan that could be plugged into a USB port for power. After the earthquake in 2011, when electricity restrictions were strict, Japanese manufactured these jackets with lithium batteries. These might be the fore runners of all-weather suits of the future technology.

Artificial Intelligence

source: wiki

source: wiki

These days the computers are becoming smarter at an ever increasing pace. The Moore law is holding true for now and the hardware for computers is enhancing at an exponential pace. This is giving even greater power to the software developers for developing more complex codes for designing a true artificial intelligence. With the advancement of quantum computers, it is becoming quite apparent that it is not a question of if but when will we create an artificial intelligence.

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Everybody ranging from defense institutions to private tech firms are in a race to build something akin of our version of an AI. It is a difficult task but the rewards could be beyond our imagination as a true AI would be a super intelligence that would thrust us into a future of so much possibilities.

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