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Aspiring cop falsely cried rape at taxi-driver as he refused to take kebab-soaked £10 bill

Alas! The world is forgetting the values which were deeply involved in the upbringing of a healthy society. This Leeds student made a false rape claim against a taxi-driver when he refused to take a £10 bill. Surprisingly the female customer who made the false accusation is currently a criminology graduate and she was taught to take a stand in order to prevent the law from getting compromised.

The taxi-driver, a father of five children, was shunned by the local community Muslims after the student made this false claim. He was taken into the police custody. The driver had refused to take the £10 bill which was kebab oil soaked on the ground of religious reasons. The refusal of the driver started the argument.

Sophie Pointon, 22-year-old, claimed that the taxi-driver groped her in the back of his cab after she was picked up from Leeds. She has now been jailed for 16 months. It was her dream to become a Police officer. After getting jailed looks like her dream isn’t going anywhere near to completion.

After miss Pointon rang 999 in the early hours of April 22, she was approached by authorities. She gave a deceptive statement of the events which was meant to put false allegations against the taxi-driver. She signed that statement giving an account of the attack.

The argument between the taxi-driver and Pointon started when she reached Hyde Park. The DailyMail reported that miss Pointon was extremely drunk when she took the taxi. She was holding a kebab in her hands. The GPS fitted in the taxi helped police identify Pointon as a liar. When the driver refused to take the bill, she started abusing.

Pointon broke down in tears after her lie was caught. She asked if she could drop the charges against the taxi-driver. She pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice.  

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