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Arrogant woman shoves cigarette in the face of the cop & then goes limp to avoid arrest

Written by Wamiq Ali

Never try to be smart with a cop and also never try to outrun him. Because they are well trained for any crisis situation and being a common person you are not able to handle them both physically and mentally. This woman was attending some game in a stadium and she was enjoying along with other people.

Now it is quite absurd to smoke around other people and especially among young kids and children. This woman decided to smoke a cigarette and to emit some bad smoke to the crowd. So, she took out a cigarette and started to release the dangerous smoke which is quite bad being second hand in nature. A cop came to the woman and asked her politely to stop smoking but the woman was in some other mood and she was arrogant enough to shove the same cigarette into the face of the cop. The cop knew that he was dealing with the different situation here. So he is spent no time and tried to arrest the woman. The woman had some other plans she went totally limp and the cop being single had a hard time getting her out of the stadium.

Watch the video of her arrest below and let us know your outlook in the comments.

This video got initially Shared on Facebook and it instantly went viral because of the bad behaviour of the women. A lot of people accused the women of utter stupidity and commented below the video that what she did was totally wrong. One should not try to smoke in a public place because of the hazards which it causes to the surrounding people. We are currently following the story and will let you know about any future developments regarding the lady and the cop.

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