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Army Sniper who was shot in neck sells his MEDALS so he can buy home

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Lance Corporal Simon Moloney is the name of an ex-soldier who is probably the luckiest man ever. He was an amazing army sniper, who was fighting Taliban in Afghanistan. The sniper and the machine gunner are always set on the roof to provide cover for the other troops.

Mr. Moloney was shot by Taliban in the neck, which wounded him so bad that he thought he wouldn’t be able to make it.

He kept on bleeding for 10 minutes until he was patched by a medic and was established enough to continue doing his job.

He stayed in his position for almost 90 minutes despite such a sensitive and life-threatening injury. The doctor said he is lucky to be alive because the bullet missed the artery by merely few millimeters.

Bullet fortunately missed an artery

His chances of survival were one in a trillion, which is unimaginably low. His luck didn’t end there, he fell from the 8ft roof but was so lucky that he landed on a goat, which probably saved his life.

He was given Military Cross for his bravery.

‘It felt as though I had been punched, there was blood pouring from my neck.. Adrenaline had kicked in so I wasn’t in pain. I was annoyed I had been shot because I knew who had shot me.

‘I did genuinely think death was on the cards and I had accepted that if I was going to go I wasn’t going to go out crying, I was going to go out with respect.

‘It was the longest 10 minutes of my life. But then the medic said I was going to be alright and I had absolute faith in him.

I should be dead by now but I am in the position I am now because of everybody else who was there that day. I had good blokes around me.

‘I was bleeding quite a bit but after about five minutes of treatment I was back on my feet and was back on it.

‘The surgeon later told me that he couldn’t make the same incision with a scalpel as the one the bullet that hit me did without killing me.’

L/Cpl Moloney, 27, left the Armed Forces last December after 10 years service.

The soldier pictures in action said that it was a big decision to sell medals.

He said he has made the ‘logical’ decision to sell the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross he was awarded for the action to give him a better future, which includes getting on the property ladder.

L/Cpl Moloney lives in St Albans, Hertfordshire, which is described as one of the most difficult places in Britain outside London for first-time buyers, with the average property price around £390,000.

He intends to sell the medal for 100,000 pounds so that he can be able to afford a house for himself.

He said he respects this medal a lot but the choice comes to a rational and logical thinking.

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