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Armed mother and daughter teach this liquor robber a lesson in a shootout

Written by Wamiq Ali

This robber picked up the wrong kind of target and his mugshot clearly depicts the same. This man tried to rob a family owned liquor store negligent of the fact that the owner daughter and mother were armed. The robber had a sawed-off shotgun and he was confident about his attack on the liquor store.

Tyrone Lee, 36yo, burst into the Forest Liquor Store on Thursday night and took Tina Ring, 53yo, and her daughter Ashley Lee, 30yo, at gunpoint as he ordered them to hand him over all the cash. Though, to his surprise, when he decided to leave after a successful robery the mother-daughter duo turned the tables on the robber, they pulled out the shotguns from the counter and opened fire. The robber was not ready for such a quick justice.

The mother-daughter shot him multiple times and he kept coming, according to KFOR. At one point during the shootout, the robber force-acquired the gun from Tina but her daughter kept on shooting at the robber. Lee eventually gave up after being on a fool’s errand and getting multiple gun wounds, he preferred to escape and drive himself to a nearby hospital.

Lee arrived at the hospital and he was injected with coma-inducing drugs. Once he was treated for the gun wounds, the police arrested him and charged him with robbery with a firearm and operating a vehicle without possession of a license.

Tina was later treated for minor injuries. The attacker, Lee, is being held at $1 million bond and the cops say that they have found him linked to other robberies in the same area. The CCTV cameras in the store captured the dramatic gun-fire exchange. The video has been taken from the Daily Mail and you can watch it embedded above.

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