Arkansas woman posed as sheriff to bust her boyfriend out of jail

Unusual things can happen in any part of the world because of the pure love and emotional sentiments. Love is an important part of the life and it’s love which makes the life going. Without compassion and care, life becomes a little dry. Out of her love, this Arkansas woman posed to be a sheriff in order to break her boyfriend out of the jail. However, sadly her efforts failed and she has been sent to the prison so that she may mend unconstitutional her ways.

30yo Maxine Feldstein pleaded guilty to a number of charges. She was sent to prison to spend a time of 30 years. However, half of her sentence was suspended by the judge. The entire story has been covered by KFSM-TV in detail.

On Monday, Feldstein posed as sheriff and along with her forged some release papers of her boyfriend which ordered the jail authorities to release him. She then went to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, posing as L. Kershaw and presented those papers to the jail authorities, hoping to take out her boyfriend.

It was her boyfriend, Nicholas Lowe who had told Feldstein to pose as a deputy from the sheriff’s office. The boyfriend told her she had to convince the jail authorities, the sheriff office was having some issues of overcrowding; therefore, all the low-priority extraditions were suspended.

Two later later, a real deputy from the sheriff’s office called the jail authorities that he had to take Lowe, and it was at that moment when the jail employees realised what had happened, they were fooled. The jail authorities informed the force about a prisoner leakage, and search operation was conducted.

A month after the incident, the couple was traced and arrested in Fayetteville. The couple then pleaded guilty to all the charges. Ultimately, both of them were indicted and sent to the prison.

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