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Arizona man finds Spider-Scorpion Hybrid in his house & none of us will ever sleep again

Arizona man finds a spider-scorpion hybrid in his house and its pictures are giving everyone chills. It’s well said that ignorance is a bliss. There are things in this world which are better to be left unknown. Once you realise something like this exists in nature you start thinking about other possibilities.

A Spider-Scorpion Hybrid, yes that exists…

This thing which Arizona man found near his house isn’t a visual hybrid but an actually hybrid having a close relationship with dessert Scorpion and common spider.

This hybrid creature is known as a camel spider, aka wind spider possesses characters of both spider and a scorpion. The camel spider possesses a wide jaw which is structurally similar to a scorpion.

Arizona man, Thomas Acosta a builder by profession, came across camel spider near his house. A place which was thought to be free of camel spiders for nearly 37 years. KGun9 covered the story and interviewed Thomas Acosta who said, “I didn’t know they are native to Arizona, I have seen camel spiders, but I heard of them in Iraq.”

This hybrid creature has 8 legs in actual but it looks like having 10 legs. The front two legs like structure are chelicerae. It uses its chelicerae to impregnate the female spider. It has the largest jaw to body ratio of any known animal. Due to the high jaw to body ratio, it can easily eat large lizards and rodents. Some cases of this hybrid creature eating birds were also reported.

Thomas went immediately in contact with an exterminator. He said in an interview that they’ve a pet animal and surely they don’t want any harm to the pet. She’s kind of old.

Do bring an exterminator Thomas, because we too are concerned about your well being. The good news about these hybrid spiders is that they aren’t venomous.

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