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Ariana’s next video broke all-time YouTube Premiere

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Quite a few artists are able to break YouTube records but many dream about it secretly before starting their YouTube career. A few make to this point where they are able to make it up to the homepage and break the views record. Ariana Grande is one of those singers who has broke the records of all-time YouTube premiere.

Ariana’s long awaited video Thank U has broken all the records

This new song released by Ariana Grande is kind of a middle finger to all the exes of the singer which had once shared her feelings and love. The video starts with a few people sharing their stories which were influenced by Ariana. This was done by the producers to create an influence of Ariana in the lives of the people. The lyrics of the song are relateable to all those who had faced breakup for once in life. 

This video peaked when 829,000 viewers watched it simultaneously and around 500,000 messages posted on the discussion sidebar, as everyone knows how YouTube works. Thus, breaking the all-time record of YouTube premieres. The company even mentioned Ariana in a tweet:

For those who don’t know what YouTube Premier is, well it’s a kind of feature which allows the content creators to release their video and have their followers get in the discussion in the real time. Thus the viewers can discuss about the video in real time on the sidebar as it gets released. The video of Ariana is constantly gaining more views. The reason behind the video getting famous can be the relateable approach as its theme resonates with the general public.

Ariana also did a good job with the video as she brought in some faces which the people had not seen for so long. These faces include Aaron Samuels and Stefanie Drummond. Those who have a taste for music will identify these people at the first glance. Troye Sivan, Elizabeth Gillies, and legend Jennifer Coolidge can also be seen in the video. Almost everyone is appreciating Ariana for the video and the message it contains.

Congratulations Ariana!

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