Ariana Grande posts photo wearing Crocs and Socks, people get inspired

Fashion revives itself and it appears that Ariana Grande is just bringing back the old days of past. Back in 2005, being a high schooler I can remember crocks being my favourite commodity, and watching Ariana revive those memories is probably a funny and humorous thing. A little inside story might further burst you into laughter, the moment I introduced those crocks as shoes to my classmates, everyone burst into a laughter.

The good thing about those crocs were that they never got old. In fact after an extensive usage, a person gets too eager to throw them away in order to get his hands onto something new. A recent picture shared by Ariana on Instagram shows that some celebrities are attempting to bring back the trend.

It’s true, Ariana has served her 160 million followers with a recent picture of crocks with socks. The singer appeared to be perfect in the rest of her attire, and the picture didn’t give any vibes as if she was wearing those crocks because she had nothing else available in her shoe rack. It appeared that the singer was wearing those casual foot wear knowingly.

Ariana shared picture of her wearing crocks and white socks, the picture posted on Instagram surprisingly obtained 6.2 million likes

It’s pretty strange that so many people have liked her picture. Definitely if someone common had used crocks, the people would not have welcomed the concerned person. He would have become a daily dose of jokes for others to consume. We just look into the comments and found that people were pretty much okay with her wearing crocks. In fact some of them praised her for being straight forward.

Some people welcomed it, as they believed that if every girl started to buy crocks then that would be a good practice. Another person wrote that the crocks were 100 percent meant for Ariana.

We can only say one thing, fashion is pretty much unpredictable.

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