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Aquaman 2: The sequel is officially in production

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Aquaman, the movie, has earned quite a lot of business. Reportedly it earned more female fans than the male fandom. The critics has explained this high turnover of female fans through the amazing personality of Jason Momoa. The star had become popular because of the Games of Thrones appearance. There are different reviews regarding the movie, many critics termed it as a movie which takes off in the middle of its runtime. Anyhow, there is a good news for the fans of Aquaman as its sequel is in production.

At DC and Warner Bros, the film is in production

According to the Deadline, Aquaman is officially in development at DC and Warner Bros. The fans are expecting a lot from the movie as they believe that the next part would bring in some good story line. Aquaman is quite a remarkable movie which it comes to the worldwide earnings. The movie had earned over 1 billion dollars and is a little behind the Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. After it, this would soon become the highest grossing DC movie. It’s natural that because of the movie the studio would want a sequel. This is indeed a successful movie in the DC’s film universe. It had received blows in the shape of Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad before it obtained success because of the 2017’s Wonder Woman.

At Rotten Tomatoes, Aquaman became the second movie to obtain fresh ratings, after Wonder Woman. Aquaman obtained 64% rating while Wonder Woman obtained 93% rating, while the rest of DC Comics failed to obtain much appreciation. The Aquaman features a fight between the world outside the ocean and the world inside the ocean, known as Atlantis. In the movie the city of Atlantis has been shown as a kingdom restricted to water, which was once the entire world. Let’s see what the next movie brings and how the sequel attracts the audience.

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