Applications which may help you get organized in best way!

Successful people are way too organized in order to achieve their goals and to get away from the others in the race of the life. Being organized and following the schedule is not easy for every person and most of us lag behind the others. We all have smartphones and laptops now a days but many of us say that the laptops and smartphones are the only reason for the time wastage. Well, this statement is totally wrong because the outcome of every thing depends upon the way you input something, so you can also use technology in a productive way. Let’s see that how can you actually use technology to get organized and get more out of your precious time. Students and every individual with a hard schedule can take a benefit from it.

1- Make use of Excel (Microsoft Office Suit):

One of the best way to remain organized is by means of the excel or any other things in which you can put all of your tasks and things to be done in a day. Excel has a block type interface and you can get benefit from that easily, like open up excel, at the first column just put in the date and then in the next column rows you can put the tasks assigned to you in that day. That is much simple and will let you remember all the tasks. Similarly you can also assign the time to the tasks on the excel.

Also you can color the boxes, you can make the timetable of the week and then can re edit the blocks to make new tasks into the list. In this way you will not be able to miss any task assigned.

2- Make use of Color Notes to be organized:

Color notes is an android application and if you got an android smartphone then you can surely install color notes from the play store. There in the color notes you can take the notes anywhere at any time thus helping you remember what you need to know at the right time.

There is an option of sticky notes widget on the home screen plus you can easily add some checklist type of the tasks which once done can be checked as done. Thus, a complete type of application is here to help you get more organized so that you may not be able to miss any sort of task assigned to you!

Color Note

3- Use Evernote for Smartphone, PC or Mac :

Evernote is a complete tool to take notes, pictures and memories into your evernote online account. You can create the notes, save the voice messages in evernote and can also create subnote of a main folder to assign your daily tasks to be done. Inshort I can’t describe this amazing tool but one things I can say that this is supported on android, iPhone, Mac and Windows. Thus, wherever you go, you just need to remember your evernote login and then you can retrieve your data stored in the evernote.


Download Evernote

With evernote one can easily define his schedule and can work according to that and it can surely help one to get organized.

4- Using sticky notes in windows 8 or windows 7:

Sticky notes can also be used for the reminding purpose of the tasks, these are the kind of notes which float over your laptop or desktop screen so that you may write in them any time, anywhere without any problem. You can easily search for sticky notes into the windows 8 or the 7, and once launched these notes windows get sticky on your screen allowing you to store anything.

Sticky Notes

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