Applications For Extended Battery Timing on Android

Smartphones are a necessity of today life and we all use them a lot. If we are at home then this is really good for all of us in sense of android usage since we all are capable of charging our android phones without any problem. Thus, as the power socket is near to us to charge a smartphone we are at quite an ease but as soon as we move outside for a long trip we start falling short of the battery timing which our smartphone offers. An Extended Battery Timing for your HTC, Samsung, LG or Motorola smartphones can really help you a lot. There are a lot of ways to do this, but since I have touched on this crucial topic in this very first post related to battery lives thus I’ll try to keep as simple as I can. For this purpose, I’ll suggest some applications which can really increase your battery timing for the android smartphone.

Deep Sleep Battery Saver:

Deep Sleep Battery Saver

This is a really good application when it comes to saving your battery life to a great extent. It really works at its best to extend your battery life of the smartphone. How it works is a really good strategy. There are a lot of applications in Android which keep your phone away from a deep sleep once you turn off the screen and keep your phone idle. Like Facebook, Google Plus and other email applications keep sync of your emails and notifications to show you all of them immediately. But this all consumes a lot of battery while there are certain applications that do a wake lock which never allows your phone to go to sleep mode. All this makes a negative impact on your phone battery.

How Deep Sleep will be used for Extended Battery Timing:

Simply use this application on your android smartphone. Install Deep Sleep Battery Saver and then fire up the application. Now you can easily set its mode to Gentle, Strong, Balance or Aggressive. If you want to get connected to 3G or Edge or WiFi during the phone screen turned off then you should select balance since it will make you notify about your emails, Facebook and Google Plus notifications and other internet related notifications after a gap of an hour. While between the hour gap it will put your phone in a deep sleep. It will save a lot of battery. But if you are like me that you connect to the internet on your smartphone only when you need to do so, then trust me you are going to extend your smartphone battery life a lot. It also shows the percentage of battery remaining at the top notification bar also.

Smart Ram Booster – Kills Apps which you don’t want to take up memory!

You may think that what a smart ram booster as the name depicts is going to do here! but it has a lot to do with your battery time. There are a lot of poorly written applications that you don’t know actually consume a lot of precious battery by running in the background and making your phone wake again and again. Thus one must know that useful sets of applications to keep them running are below:

  • Android Launcher
  • Android System
  • Everything which you think should be kept running!

But surely you don’t want to keep a game running in background without your consent. Here Smart Ram Booster comes into play.

How Smart Ram Booster will make your battery time extended?

Boost Automatically Smart Ram Booster Android

You will need to tell it that how much memory to be kept free in your smartphone. Like if you got 1GB of ram as it’s in my case I kept the amount of ram to be kept free to 300MB. I can’t also tell you that what should be kept and what should be ignored. The best way to find the best settings is to try your self. Now, in the configuration of the Smart Ram Booster after you have installed this Application. You need to set “Boost Automatically” For this go to the application. Open Settings at the bottom right side of the screen. Then open “Auto Boost Settings” and after that tick “Boost Automatically” here you can keep the maximum threshold to be 300MB if you have 1GB of ram.

This Screen shot at the left will help you understand that what I mean you to do. This will help this application to auto kill those crappy applications which you don’t need to let phone run at the background. It will also put a “Ram Bar” at the center of your notification bar so you can easily kill applications. Please! note that you should white list your important applications in the application settings so it may not kill them.

Autorun Manager – Keep applications away from restarting again and again:

Start Up Manager For Android

This is a handy tool when it comes to those applications which without your knowledge start in the background and keep restarting again and again. Which surely puts a bad impact on your battery life of the android smartphone. Autorun manager scans all of your applications and then allows you to disable the start-up permission of many applications. Install the application and after that fire it up. Go to the advanced mode. There you can easily disable any feature from an application that you don’t need. Like I don’t want Orbot to start at the boot in my Galaxy s3, So I’ll untick this:

And unticking this will assure me that the next time I boot into the device it won’t startup. Simply you can also search for applications that have a startup listener. You can disable this startup listener to stop applications from starting again and again. In this way, you can save a lot of battery since unwanted applications keep starting without user permissions and often users are of the habit of installing so many applications in which a lot are poorly coded and often become a cause of battery drain without reason.


My Final words to extend your battery life of smartphones are that you should keep your phone as simple as possible try not to clutter it with so many applications which you even don’t use for months and weeks. Try not to fill it with so many applications. Keep it as simple as you can. Next time I am going to come with more detailed tutorial which will be as much easy as this one to show that how can you extend your battery life. Subscribe to the news letter so you may not miss a single tutorial from us. Till then have a good smartphone experience 🙂