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Apple iWatch – Why you need one?

When I first came to know about smart watches I thought maybe tech companies thought that mobile phones have replaced the wrist watch, so they are trying to make up for the damage they have caused but after a short period of time I realized that they are not just making up to the wrist watch trends but they are actually doing it a favor.

With the release of the all new Apple iWatch the trend of awesome wrist watches continues and Apple has actually tried to take it to the next level by adding up things that no other smartwatch came up with. The iWatch packs up features that makes it look more like a phone then just a wrist watch and Apple has actually invested a large capital into the smartwatch industry and they are hopeful that they can make the most out of it. Let’s head on to the actual review about the Apple iWatch.

Features and Functionality

Now, the heading might seem a little weird at the start but to be honest there has always been a confusion about what smartwatches are actually meant for, at least we have been asked this question a bunch of times and all we have honestly thought that these watches serve the same purpose as a normal smartwatch would, the only difference is that they allow you to know when you get a notification on your smartwatch and what notification it is.

Using iWatch

Although, after Apple iWatch came into existence the idea of a smartwatch in my mind has totally changed and it can let you do several things for which it might seem more useful than it is right now. Below are the uses of the Apple iWatch.

Music Player – an iPod

Oh yes! Apple has announced that the iWatch will let the users hear music right from their wrist watch, that means you can connect to your iWatch via the headphone port and listen to music when you are low on charge on your phone or while you are working out.

Fitness Tracker

It seems like Apple is very much concerned about the health of its users and why wouldn’t they? Their sales would go down, just kidding!

With the iWatch you now have the ability to keep an eye on your fitness level and you can actually calculate your heartbeat by tapping on the screen of your iWatch. The iWatch would also inform you about the right time and kind of exercise you require to perform.

Communication Device

Now this one actually struck us a little differently, the Moto 360 and the LG G Watch were the two best smartwatches in the market before the rumors were confirmed about the Apple iWatch and neither of the watches had the capability of doing this.

The iWatch lets you send and receive messages, calls and it also lets the user to immediately record sound if he/she ever feels the need to do that.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the new alternate that Apple introduced last year, the basic idea behind this is that you don’t need to keep a wallet if you are using the Apple pay services. Integrating this onto the Apple iWatch is a very smart move keeping in mind the portability factor. Although, the service just available in a few countries but it would soon make its way across the globe.

Digital Key to your Door

Apple claims that the Apple iWatch would soon be able to act as a digital key for doors and not just that but it will also be able to control home automation appliances, such as, smart thermostats and act as a switch to the light bulbs etc making use of it wireless communication.

A Watch

Not to forget, the Apple iWatch will let you know the time! The best and the feature for which wrist watches actually exist and Apple do claim that the iWatch would be cable of accurately displaying time up to 50 microseconds.

iWatch 1



The Apple iWatch will only be capable of pairing with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. There are rumors and words about the watch being compatible with Macbook laptops and iPad but the official news is yet to appear. This also clears up a confusion that Apple iWatch would be capable to pair up with non-Apple devices, which hold totally false, the Apple iWatch will only be compatible with Apple devices.

iWatch 2



Variants and Price of Apple Watch

There would be three variants of the Apple iWatch. All these variants come in two sizes namely, the 38mm and the 42mm, whichever suit the user well in terms of wrist size and gender of course. There are a wide variety of wrist bands to choose from in terms of material and colors. The Variants are as follows:

iWatch Variants

Apple Watch Sport

This version of iWatch would cost £299 for the 38mm and £339 for the 42mm model. Both of which are the starting prices.

Apple Watch

This version would cost £479 up to £949 depending on the band combination and the casing the user opts for. Although, the 38mm would cost approx. £50 less than that of the 42mm.

Apple Watch Edition

This version is just like the Rolex or the Rado wrist watches of the normal world. This would come crafted with 18-karat gold with a custom rose of yellow and will cost from £8,000 up to £13,500 for the most expensive version.

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