Antivirus Software Tycoon: Taxes are illegal, it’s been 8 years I haven’t filed returns

Recent statements of an antivirus software developer tycoon have caused ripples in the calm sea of the internet news. These ripples would soon convert into a tsunami as the news blog continue to re-share this news to a wider audience. Definitely, this news is going to resonate with the masses as not many people like to pay taxes. However, this is going to irk the governments, since tax is a basic running bloc of any successful government with economic freedom. John McAfee has said that taxes are illegal. He further claimed that he never filed returns for 8 years.

Antivirus tycoon rants on Twitter, criticises IRS

McAfee released a series of tweets to free himself from filing the tax returns. He bragged about not filing the tax returns for 8 years. He claimed that taxes were illegal while ranting about the government services. According to him the level of governmental services was continuously dropping. He said that he earns a living from a company he resigned from in 1994 – McAfee. This made him a prime target of IRS.

In another tweet, McAfee even linked the tax agency to Nazis and said that it started from there because of reasons. The messages released by McAfee on twitter resonate with a common mentality. A lot of people don’t like to pay taxes. He said that before the civil war there was no income tax. Well, with the tweets of McAfee it’s clear that he is the kind of person who likes to dwell in conspiracies.

How is government going to respond to his criticism, is still a mystery. John McAfee is a big name in antivirus software companies. Many computers running on windows rely on McAfee for their defence against the viruses. The messages shared by him on Twitter are not something welcoming for the general government establishment, surely someone would do something about McAfee.

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