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Antifa protests openly in NewYork supporting North Korea, says, ‘DPRK wants equality, democracy’

Written by Wamiq Ali

Welcome to America! Freedom at its peak. Antifa openly supports North Korea in New York telling others that the DPRK isn’t the real enemy. They want to be friends with like minded people. They want democracy and want to grow their relations with progressive countries. Well, this is America where freedom of speech is allowed and someone is openly advocating in the favour of North Korea.

The hate for big companies starts at 0:20 of the video where the protester states that all the big companies are backing up the media. He even accused General Electric of trying to change media for the general public since it has got major contracts with the military.

The man protests and says that the North Koreans are the friends of USA. They are trying to fight for the democracy and equality. They want to be reunited with the South Korea and since US troops are waiting for them in South Korea, that’s why they are hesitating. He even quoted a North Korean woman winning the gold medal in Olympics.

“The Koreans want to defend themselves from the US attack. They don’t want to attack the US. The Korean women aren’t allowed to ride? Well, that is bullshit, they are allowed to ride and they won Olympics medal. It’s the Wall Street and the Bankers who want a war with North Korea. They are responsible for creating war in the world, for example Syria.” – says the Antifa while protesting

I think I can’t write more about this political situation between the US and DPRK. The situation itself is evident and one man saying all this love for DPRK isn’t gonna make a difference. Since the two of the countries are always threatening each other, there can’t be a word of love between the two. DPRK leader opening sending statements against US, this can’t be termed as love.

Do watch the video of the protest below and don’t forget to leave your own comments.

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