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Anti-vaxers rant about Bill putting vaccines in Food & spreading through Aerial means is instant cringe

Measles is spreading in the under-developed countries just because they are not provided with vaccines but contrary to this there are people in first world countries with a provision of the vaccine but are against it. These people have the option to get their children vaccinated but still, they opt to go against the immunity. There are a lot of controversies associated with vaccines.

This post is dedicated to all those controversies. Our stupid fellows at a Facebook group also gave us a lot of clues about these controversies against the vaccination. Controversies like spreading vaccines through aerial sprays and through cloud seeding are totally too awkward to believe. So, the healthcare workers actually face a lot of hate from some parents who are totally sceptical about the vaccinations.

This conversation is totally awkward and cringe-worthy. I think after reading all these accusations against vaccination in a Facebook group, it sounds too terrible to believe. Anti-vaxers must bring in a solid proof against their theories. Quoting some random internet articles promoting the controversies isn’t the right way to deal with such problems.

There are a lot of misconceptions against vaccines like the top one being, “Diseases already began to vanish before vaccines because of better sanitary conditions and antibiotics.” Such statements forget the breaking out of measles and Hepatitis B, surely the vaccines have helped us a lot cope with these diseases. Today, measles cases have reduced to a large extent. The use of measles vaccines began in 1963 and since then it has helped us deal with the disease in a better way. There are cases in Japan and Great-Britain when they stopped the usage of Whooping Coup vaccine and that resulted in a 50% increment in disease in children.

There is another misconception which is, “The people who go through vaccination only get the disease.” Well, all the vaccines are not 100% safe, the bacteria or virus is killed and made less severe. There is a chance for error but again the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the danger involved.

Anti-Vaccination movement poster, totally wrong.

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