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Annoyed GF Finds Out that Football WorldCup Lasts for a Month

There is general stereotype that girls do not like football, and truth to be told, it is true to some extent. There have been several studies linked to this matter that show majority of the females do not find the game interesting. But guys, on the other hand, majority love the game. Specially with all the hype that is coming with the current World Cup, more and more people are getting on the fandom.

It becomes a little awkward when a football lover and a not-so football lover are in a relationship. No relationship is perfect, and mostly, not all relationships have people who have similar likes and dislikes. There are always differences and partners accept each other’s differences. But generally there are many thing that are different in most of the relationships e.g. mostly guys like hanging out with friends, going fishing, watching games and whatnot.

But successful relationship are those where these difference are allowed and maintained. The key thing is to manage everything. The world cup is one of those times, where many fights happen among couples. Here is a video of one of those events, it has been uploaded on a famous Facebook and has since gone viral. People were quick to share their thoughts as well.

Watch the video uploaded by LadBible:

What other’s were commenting on the video:

‘Me and my man both hate football and love island so we don’t have this problem,’ wrote Jo Davis.

While Laura Burke said: ‘Miserable sod!! I’d be handing him a beer and be ready to watch it with him!’

Owen Weston quickly went angry and said: ‘Football is a waste of time and money.’

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