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Animation movies 2014 which are a Must Watch !

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There is a lot of competition every year in the animated movies category. Before the digital revolution, it required big studios to produce animated greats but now, we see great animated movies coming thick and fast. 2014 was no different and a lot of great films arrived on the scene.

We have selected our list of best animation movies 2014 and we hope you like it. So below are the best animation movies 2014:

Big Hero 6

animation movies 2014 - bighero6

This is no1 on our best animation movies 2014. The film is based on a loose adaptation of Big Hero 6, a lesser known Marvel comic book. Big Hero came at the end of 2014 and took the title away. There are a number of members of the super-friends gang, but the hero remained the robot Baymax. All in all, you and your family will greatly enjoy this one.

The Boxtrolls

animation movies 2014 - boxtrolls

This is no2 on our best animation movies 2014. This is a stop-motion gem of a movie, proudly having the kind of hand-made beauty that even the coolest CGI can’t compete against. The Boxtrolls are a lovable grotesque team of heroes and there struggle against the nefarious Snatcher (voiced by legendary Sir Ben Kingsley) is a fun ride to enjoy.

The Book of Life

animation movies 2014 - thebookoflife

This is no3 on our best animation movies 2014. The movie is really ambitious and distinctive, starting off from the Mexican holiday of ‘The Day of the Dead’. Hollywood big budget superstars Channing Tatum, Zoe Saldana and Diego Luna lend their voices to the principal characters while the accomplished Guillermo del Toro acts as the producer. The result is an excellent, engrossing animation with a unique style of its own.

The LEGO Movie

animation movies 2014 - thelegomovie

This is no4 on our best animation movies 2014. The satire/parody animation flick was one of the most enjoyable ones of the year. The movie brought together two American heroes, Abe Lincoln and the Batman together :P. This blocky (:D ) blockbuster of a movie is a comic freewheeler and will sure leave you in stitches with all that laughing. Warning tip! This movie can be extremely hilarious, so watch on your own risk ;).

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

animation movies 2014 - mrpeabodyandsherman

This is no5 on our best animation movies 2014. This movie is continuation of the old TV series Mr. Peabody and Sherman of The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show . If you thought that TV was not creative during old days than you need to see this one before making a judgment; it contains Peabody as the planet’s greatest genius, Sherman is his adopted son. Interesting thing, Peabody is a dog. And the father/child duo can travel through time. This is a great premise designed by cartoonist Ted Key and is a lovable family flick.

The Wind Rises

animation movies 2014 - thewindrises

This is no6 on our best animation movies 2014. This is the last movie of legendary co-founder of Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki. Hayao did tremendous work for popularizing anime among the western audiences. He decided to retire by doing this one last film. The film about true-life subject matter of aircraft engineer Jiro Horikoshi is great and while it is not anything like Hayao’s most famous hit “Spirited Away”, the hand-drawn animation quality is as good as ever.

Penguins of Madagascar

animation movies 2014 - penguins

This is no7 on our best animation movies 2014. The gripping Madagascar series feathered foursome penguins Private, Rico , Skipper and Kowalski have finally been given their own exclusive showcase outing. This was obviously a no brainer for the executives and there was clear money to be had. As it happens many times, even the best of predictions can sometimes go wrong and what was a sure winner in this film, turned out to be a whiff in the end. The film might have underperformed but for the fan of the series, it is still a good watch on the home system.

The Congress

animation movies 2014 - thecongress

This is no8 on our best animation movies 2014. The film is based on a satirical novel written in 1971 by Stanislav Lem, who is also the author of the famous sci fi Solaris. The movie revolves around protagonist Ijon Tich who wakes up in a seemingly paradise but turns out to something sinister. The movie is like a combination of Futurama meat Gulliver’s Travels. Tichy, the protagonist in the film, was actually not present in the book, but the director used fictionalized Robin Wright to bring forward a stylish tale that incorporates dystopia and Hollywood satire.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

animation movies 2014 - howtotrainyourdragon

This is no9 on our best animation movies 2014. How to train your Dragon was a hit and won Oscars. So the director decided Dean DeBlois decided that instead of a simple animation trilogy, with separate stories in each installment, he is going to go for a story arc across the movies. The result is good amount of dragon riding action and good emotional stakes for a mainstream animated blockbuster.

Rio 2

animation movies 2014 - rio2

This is no10 on our best animation movies 2014. Rio was quite an enjoyable movie and Rio 2 hopes to be a worthy successor. The movie has great box office figures and you would enjoy it.

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