Animal shelter invites Area 51 raiders to swarm them instead of the military base

Definitely the internet has contributed a lot to making the people popular behind area 51 memes. some random person a couple of days back had created a Facebook page in order to promote and share his prank of swarming the area 51. Little did this person know that his idea was about to backfire. Soon he was found in the middle of a controversy which involved inviting the people to enter the area 51 as the campaign just went viral. It started to receive responses from millions of people around the globe.

Area 51 is basically a military base where they conduct self-maintenance and other exercises of the weapon training in order to keep the American forces agile and active. Anyone in his sane mind would not create any event which might lead common people rushing towards a military base. The gross thing is that the event was supported by the American people themselves, the humorous part was definitely the inclusion of the American people against their own military base and this was the strange part which made it go viral.

An animal shelter has decided to use the popularity of the area 51 memes to bring after upfront their own cause of saving the stranded animals. The Oklahoma Animal Welfare in a Facebook post has urged the people to come by the facility and stop in order to enter it, just like the intention of going to the area 51. The animal sanctuary posted some quite perfect pictures of the cute animals which they are supporting and feeding.

We have great animals ready to protect you from the Area 51 aliens. Adoption isn’t that far out of this world!

Animal shelter invites Area 51 raiders to swarm them instead of the military base

This definitely is a good cause and just like the way people were trying to to make Area 51 memes go viral it is the duty of people to give benefits and do the philanthropy towards those who cannot speak, that is the animals. The idea was particularly genius when Oklahoma Animal Shelter created this post, because of a reference to the area 51, it went viral and it was able to call the attention of a lot of Americans and the local Oklahoma residents.

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