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Angry girlfriend gives boyfriend ultimatum, either to choose her or his stupid online-game

Never ask a man to leave his online video games because men are men and they don’t like anything against games. Video games are a thing which helps men relax and get some time of their own. This girl gave an ultimatum to her boyfriend either to leave games or her. The boyfriend went to the Reddit for suggestions and also did something unusual and unexpected.

The guy was merely playing games, online video games. I know a lot of dudes that do more than just playing games like cheating and in the end leaving the girl broken. At least this guy was only involved in playing games. A Reddit user, Trainer_A realised that his girlfriend hated him playing video games. In beginning, she was quite fine with her game playing habits.

The girlfriend was specifically angry over the guy playing Destiny. The guy asked for Redditors opinion in the subreddit /r/Destiny.

After having some Reddit suggestions, the Trainer_A created another post to share the response of the girl. He shared the messages conversation with the Reddit community.

So, the girl basically had asked him to come over before playing hockey. The boy, on the other hand, had to do something else before playing hockey. He had to play destiny and later had to play hockey.

The guy tried to give some sense to his girlfriend. But in the heat of moment, she wasn’t ready to understand.

The end result was obvious. The guy sent to her the picture of “The Stranger’s Rifle”. The answer was clear and the girl couldn’t resist but to send him some abusive messages. Well, he ended the toxic relationship.

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