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Angry about her cellphone usage, husband throws his wife off the balcony

Husband gets angry about the wife’s cell phone usage and he throws both the wife and the phone off the balcony. This resulted shortly after a heated clash. Happened in China and the CCTV footage made everyone wonder over the incident.

The footage can be seen which shows a man throwing off a cell phone. Shortly after throwing away the smartphone the man can be seen flipping her wife over the balcony fence, off the first floor of the building to the ground. 

Husband and the wife having a heated argument

The wife, fortunately, didn’t suffer any severe injuries as she landed on a vegetable patch below, which ceased the force of the impact. This was one fortunate happening (the landing of the lady on the vegetable patch) or murder charges would have been pressed on the husband. The locals took the lady to the hospital after the incident. The hospital examined the lady and told her that she should thank the vegetable patch.

Husband throwing his wife off the fence

But wait, the climax isn’t revealed yet, the lady didn’t launch any police report, instead, she forgave her husband for his life threatening act. Internet got quite confused over the large heartedness of the lady. The women gave a statement to police that she had forgiven her husband and she won’t be lodging any complaints.

You can watch the video below, which shows a man throwing his wife off the balcony.

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