Android Versions List with Names and Features

Android has been in the market with quite a lot of Android Versions, starting from the 1.9 up till the 5.0.2 which is currently being used in Nexus devices and soon to appear on other Android devices. Although there has been a list of changes that have been escalating from the older Android versions to the latest ones. In this article we would go through all the Android Versions starting from Android 2.3 Codename Gingerbread.

Android Version 2.x.x – Gingerbread (6th December, 2010)


The Android Version Gingerbread brought a revolution into the world of mobile communication. Since the release of the first Android Version, Android had been trying to make its way to the core of the mobility market but their journey actually started with the release of this Android Version.

  • Google added an intelligent User Interface into this particular Android Version
  • New and improved keyboard the for the ease of the uses
  • Added the feature of copy/paste
  • Power Efficiency for the efficient use of the mobile battery
  • Social Network related features added
  • NFC or Near Field Communication Support added
  • Video Call Support

Besides, the above features that were the added onto the Android Version there were also the ones that were added for the ease of developers. Basically, all the necessary things that a developer would require for developing anything and everything related to the android platform were added into this Android Version.

Android Version 3.x.x – Honeycomb (22nd February, 2011)


At the time of the release of this Android Version, tablets devices were getting famous in the market, so Android rather took a risky turn which did not go in their favor. Honeycomb was basically for the purpose of enriching the tablet UI. The list of features added are as below

  • Multi Core Support to improve processing
  • Tablet Support
  • 3D UI Updated
    • Customizable home screens
    • Recent applications view
    • New Keyboard layout
  • Media Transfer Protocol
  • Google Talk video Chat
  • Private Browsing for privacy improvement
  • HTTP live streaming

A version update of this Android Version was released in the year 2012 that brought the feature of “Pay as you go” but since the Android Version was not as famous as it should have been, it did not go viral.

Android Version 4.0.x – Ice Cream Sandwich (18th October, 2011)

ice cream sandwich

After the not so popular Android Version, codenamed Honeycomb, came the Ice Cream Sandwich which continued with the popularity of the Android Operating System. It came with several bug fixes and a large list of features were also added into the Android Operating System. The Features are as follows:

  • New Lock Screen Actions
  • Improved text input and spell-checking
  • Control of the Network data
  • Email app support
  • Wi-Fi direct
  • Bluetooth health device profile
  • Social Stream to keep the contacts updated
  • Video Stabilization
  • QVGA video resolution API access
  • Calendar provider updates
  • Smoother screen rotation


Android Version 4.1.x – 4.3.x – Jelly Bean (9th July, 2012)


By the time of the release of Android Versions 4.0.x, codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich. Android had pulled away most of the users from the competitors and Google totally knew about what to changes to make in their next Android Version. This step was a crucial one because either people would move away from Android or stick to it for as long as it exists.

  • Google Now
  • Voice Search
  • Speed Enhancements
  • Camera app improvements
  • External Keyboards and Gesture mode – improving accessibility
  • Lock screen widgets
  • 4K resolution support
  • Restricted profiles for tablets
  • Dial Pad auto-complete
  • Shows the percentage of download and the time remaining.

Although, the Codename was changed from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean but the numeric series had been kept the same as the previous one. And to be practical there was not much of difference in the feel of this version.

Android Version 4.4.x – Kitkat (31st October, 2013)


This was the most controversial Android Version of all time. The ever awaited LG Google Nexus 5 and the Android Version, Codenamed Kitkat, were to make their way into the spotlight together. Google had gone way too late on their release of this version and their smartphone. Although, both of them things were worth waiting for. The features included with in this version of Android were as follows:

  • Screen Recording
  • Translucent System UI
  • Better and Enhanced notification access
  • Performance improvements

Although, the list of changes might seem shorter than expected but Google actually made it look like something huge and they did succeed in the process. The contradictory part is also true, since a lot of people choose other devices over the Nexus because they arrived earlier and they seemed to be a better buy.

Android Version 5.0 – Lollipop (17th October, 2014)


With the release of this Android version it seemed like Kitkat (The previous Android Version) had not been in the market for long enough to make its way towards the hearts of the Android users. This version came with the Motorola Nexus 6 from the LG Nexus, which actually made it seem like they must have made more changes and after using this Android Version you would actually feel like that is true but that would only be true when it comes to the UI and the keyboard features.

Although this Android Version is still in its immature stage but the features they have come up with till date are as follows:

  • New Design – Material Design
  • Speed Improvement
  • Battery Efficiency


  • I m very interested to know about android versions and their features. Androids are widely used overall the world. I wish, the developers should develop the android version with new features.