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Amidst two guys fight this girl tries to launch a cheap shot & gets taught a lesson

Written by Wamiq Ali

Never try to get into a fight with the will of adding more mess to it. One should get involved in a fight just to make it end soon because fighting is something which yields nothing. Even if it is too necessary to have a fight then that should be for a greater purpose like for the love of country and for your own safety.

Now these two guys are having a fight and a possible girlfriend of one of the guys try to attack the other one and she instantly learnt a very cool lesson. These two guys were having some argument and the conversation got lit up quickly. There was this third guy between these two who was trying to end the matter and wanted both of them to not have any sort of fight.

Then in the video, a girl suddenly appears and takes a jump in the air in order to hit and slam down the other guy with full force. Unfortunately she missed the guy and the guy in his normal fight and flight response slammed her down instead. After the girl went airborne, she hit the ground instantly and went unconscious. The guy wasn’t sure that what had happened to her.

The same guy who unconsciously attacked the girl got worried but this other guy who seemed to be the boyfriend of the girl got angry and started hitting this guy. And all this happened on a street, possibly all these 4 people were a friend of each other. I won’t add more to the video, but this was a stupid act. Getting and earning a chance of cheap shot isn’t something to be proud about. First of all, the matters must be resolved in a table talk and even then if nothing yields the answer then have a fight with rules.


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