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American siblings trapped in China make plea for help

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Two American siblings have been trapped in China, and they recently made a public plea seeking help. Cynthia and Victo Liu had visited China in the year 2018 to pay respect to their dying grandmother. However, they were later not allowed to leave because of the so-called “exit ban.” The father of these siblings is wanted by China and experts say that Chinese officials are planning to use siblings as leverage to bring back father home.

The father, Liu Changming, is one of the most wanted fugitives who had fled the country in 2007. Liu Changming worked at a bank when he was in China, back in the days. He was linked to a $1.4 bn fraud when he exited China in a hurry. The lawyer claims that his children are being held to bring the father back to justice.

The NSC of the US has released a statement regarding the siblings that the Chinese officials failed to provide any legitimate reason for imposing exit-ban on the kids of Lie Changming. The video which got shared by CBS news, showed Cynthia Liu giving details of the horrific details through which she was going along with her other sibling. Cynthia claimed that she did nothing wrong and she together with her other sibling should be allowed to leave for home – the US.

The authorities involved should start negotiations to plan an immediate release of the kids. The innocent kids had no say in the crimes which their father did, and if the Chinese side provides any such proof against the father, then the US should help them in the investigation. Many viewers who came across the video claimed it to be quite poignant and heart-wrenching.

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