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Amber Heard shares the dark alter ego of Johnny Depp, posts a proof picture

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Amber Heard, the ex-wife of the Johnny Depp shared something over the news which might soon become the talk of the town. Reason being, Johnny Depp is quite a popular movie star. He has given much to the Hollywood and so is the case with Amber Heard. She is a popular American actress who was starred in some pretty popular movies. The marriage happened for 2 years and the couple separated in 2017. This was a sad news for the fans but like everything else, the time moved on. Recently, Amber Heard shared the dark side of the Johnny Depp’s personality. This can be all true as she has shared a proof picture. However, this can also be an activity to smear the character of Johnny Depp, what so ever it is, the article wouldn’t side with anyone.

Amber Heard nicknames the Johnny Depp’s alter ego

The 32yo actress claimed that Johnny Depp had an alter ego. This was abusive. It’s unclear whether she liked this ego or not, but she named it as the monster. The actress said that she was petrified to learn that the other personality of the actor existed for many years. These claims were made as a part of the 471-page long 2017 divorce deposition. 

The actress claimed some horrifying details which reveal a lot about the personality of Jonny Depp. She shared the picture of the marks on her face which according to her allegedly happened because Johnny Depp had hit her with a phone. This was corroborated by her friend, Raquel Pennington. She claimed that when on a party she witnessed Amber, she couldn’t unsee those scratch marks on her face. She witnessed clear bruises on the face of the Amber. 

The authorities claimed that they were never reported of something like this home violence. Further, Johnny Depp was reached for the comment on situation. He said that those bruises had happened because of another incident but he wasn’t involved in it for any reason.

Picture showing the face marks of Amber

The actress said that both of them knew about the other personality of Johnny. They used to call it as the monster. She was petrified of the monster.

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