Top Amazing Facts From Around the World and Life – Images

Facts always play an important role in your life and in your decisions. But the exception is also a word which has its own meaning since there are most of the happenings in the world which are taken as the exception from the normal routine. I have collected some of the stunning, unique and amazing facts from around the world and have narrated them through the images. Since, I have read somewhere that the interpretation of eyes and the memory of the vision is sometimes effective than any other thing. These facts are not mere speculations but are infact real facts. Enjoy these facts and don’t forget to pin them on your pinterest boards.

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15 Amazing Facts from around the world and life:

It’s a unique and at times satirical collection of amazing facts around the world. I am continuously trying to update this list of these facts. All the facts would be based on some credible truth; however, the interpretation can be at time presented in a satirical manner, so be aware.

1- Monday is like one day at Mercury:

It’s a fact that after a Sunday filled with the enjoyment, one just hates to look forward to Monday. The only reason for this attitude is that Mondays are terrible for anyone who has to face a lot of work at school, office or university. Therefore, get your fact straight, the next time your boss asks you to work hard on Monday, you can easily tell him Monday is like a day on Mercury!

2- Yelling can be used to cook a cup of coffee:

It just justifies the law of conservation of energy, that the work done to yell at the top most level for about 8 years, 7 months and 6 days can be just utilized to cook a cup of coffee. Interesting! Pass on this fact to your colleague whom you think always shouts at the top of his voice to scare you out for work.

3- The strongest muscle of the body is Tongue:

The wikipedia has termed tongue as the strongest muscle of the body proportional to its size. Sometimes the Jaws is taken as the most strong part but that is true as well, because the amount of force which a jaw can exert is just amazing.

Then why exactly are we considering tongue as a strongest muscle as calling it as a fact? Well, the reason lies in its flexibility and its non-tiring nature. The way tongue is built is different as compared to any other muscle in your body; therefore, tongue has unique features and amazing capability, thus ending it up in our list of world’s amazing facts.

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4- Time is the best teacher

Time is the best teacher to let you learn every fact or answers to questions but in the end it kills every student, a reality of life that is the reason one should live the life at its most. Time is one thing which is passing every second and this is a brute fact.

5- Keep your toothbrush away from toilet

Just to avoid some bad germs and keep a safety of your health, it’s a medical fact and recommendation from the dentists that your toothbrush should be 6 feet away from the toilet. Because who wants to gag on a brush full of millions of bacteria right after waking up in the morning.

6- Definition of Life: Life happens while you are busy making plans

No one is able to get that what is going to happen in the near future, so while you plan for the events there is always a possibility that something new can enter in your life, thus plans don’t always offer a mature and better future, relying on the luck and sixth sense can also provide you the better opportunities.

7- Medical Fact: One Can’t lick his own elbow

This is a scientific fact that one can’t lick his own elbow and the considerable thing is this that most of the people must have tried to lick their elbow after reading this fact and if anyone is successful in doing so, he should break it as a fact in the comments.

8- Walt Disney was afraid of Mice

Walt Disney was afraid of mice and thus ironically translated his fear into the world famous character.

9- How American airlines saved thousand of dollars in 1987

The image is self-obvious that how the American airlines saved thousands of dollars by dropping just an olive from each salad served in first class. The same accumulative effect can be applied to other things in life, which when added have a lasting effect.

10- Apples are better than Coffee

Apples have natural and pure sugar which give you a natural high and thus prove to be better than a cup of coffee. Fructose in apples actually provides energy boost.

11. Cocacola can’t be purchased in Cuba and North Korea

Next time you plan a trip to Cuba or North Korea, make sure to get your intake of Cocacola, because chances are you are going to miss the drink over your extended stay. Considering, how an average person likes to consume such sugary drinks after eating fast food, it would be a hard task for anyone to stay away from Cocacola, well this isn’t a brand endorsement.

12. Entire world people can fit inside Los Angeles

National Geographic has contributed to this strange fact, but hold on before you think that everyone can fit inside Los Angeles in the most comfortable form, then you are wrong. If you make people stand shoulder to shoulder, then 7.5bn people can fit inside Los Angeles as reported by NatGeo.

13. Indonesia homes the world’s shortest people

Ever thought where do you stand on spectrum of height? The tallest people can be found in Netherlands; however, the shortest can be found in Indonesia with average adult heights accounting to 5ft 1.8in. Amazing? This fact is based on data obtained by Telegraph from various sources.

14. World’s quietest room is in Microsoft headquarter

In Redmond, Washington, Microsoft holds the record of having the world’s most quiet place. The lab room has a sound levels of -20.35 dBA. It’s pretty silent and anyone entering the room might start to hear sounds which we normally don’t hear. Breathing sound could become pretty loud and one might also hear his heart beats along with other internal sounds with quite a clarity.

15. A place name with 85 letters exists on Earth

Next time you plan a holiday trip, don’t forget to text your friend the world’s longest named place. It’s 85 characters long and is currently enlisted in Guinness Book of World Record. The place can be visited if you go to New Zealand.

The place has been named after a local warrior named, Tamatea. There is a legend following the demise of this warrior. The long name actually describes the qualities of the warrior and is a way to remember him. It’s said that after the demise of his brother, he used to play flute in the same place, which happens to be a hilltop.