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Be amazed with this ‘before and after’ laser engraving being done on a round table video

Written by Wamiq Ali

A simple round table can be given an artistic outlook with this simple laser engraving technology, this is quite a hard fact to digest. I remember artisans spending countless hours to achieve a single design like the one being made in the video. Today, thanks to the technology, we can feed a pattern in the computer to be made on a table. Then this pattern is followed by a laser gun to etch the design.

Laser engraving is a use of a laser to engrave some pattern on a surface. The amazing thing about this technology is the least wear of the inscribing tool. Because the tool doesn’t come in contact with the surface so that accuracy is just amazing. There are particularly three components in a laser engraving, the controller, laser beam and surface. The laser beam is a focused component which is responsible for inscribing the marks. The controller guides the movement through the fed code. The surface is of the object which is to receive the pattern.

The surface in some machines move and the laser is stagnant. However, in this video where a pattern is being made on a table, the laser moves and the table, the receiving surface, remains stationary.

A fraction of a millimetre is in effect of the laser since the material exposed must be in focus of the laser in order heat the area of inscribing the material. These are the two methods of leaving marks on a surface, heating it up to fracture it or vaporising it totally.

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