Amalgam of Movies; Into the Woods

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Into the woods is a wonderful amalgamation of numerous stories in one movie and amazing effort by the director to justify each character. The link between all characters is so built that there is no overlapping as well as no over shadowing of one character on the other.

Story line: the movie has many small tales of Cinderella, Little Red Robin Hood, Rapunzel and Jack & Beanstalk. Presence of giants in the movie even reminds one of the Jacks and the giant slayer”.



In cast, many actors are present and each one does justice to his/her assigned role. Main actors are Meryl Streep, James Corden, Chris Pine, Emily Blunt, Anna Kedrick, Christine Baranski, Daniel Huttlestone, Billy Madnussen and Tracy Ulman; just to name few.

Red Carpet: the movie is a Walk Disney presentation and was launched on Dec 25, 2014 in the United States. The premiere of the movie was organized in Zeigfeld Threatre, which is located in newYork. The success of the movie can be estimated from the fact that it earned $204 worldwide and was not only commercially successful, but also critics applauded for it.


Into the woods revolves around a baker and his wife. Baker role is played by James Corden and his wife by Emily Blunt. Both didn’t have a child and they would wish to have one. It actually happened when baker’s family was spelled by a witch. She had caught baker’s father stealing some beans from her garden when his mom was pregnant with him. As a result of stealing by baker’s father, the mother of witch made her ugly.

When baker and his wife were confronted by a witch and she disclosed everything, they asked witch to release them from this spell. Witch convinced only on one condition if baker and his wife arrange her three things into the woods during the appearance of full moon. Those three things were: (And full moon was a short phenomenon, which had to remain for few days)

  • Cow as white as milk
  • Cape as red as blood
  • Hair as yellow as corn

Interaction between various characters:

The efforts of the baker and his wife made them interact with other characters of the movie one by one. There they met Jack, who was selling his white cow. Baker gave some beans to Jack in return of the cow. Similarly the couple met Lila, the red riding hood and took her red cape and finally the hair of Rapunzel. Rapunzel is an adopted daughter of witch who is confined in some tower by the witch.

The entire struggle:

Couple didn’t get everything easily; rather they had to undergo much hardship on their ways. However after the couple get hold of everything and presented to the witch, they gave it to witch. The witch got her beauty back and Cinderella married her prince charm. Similarly Rapunzel married her prince. The story seemed to reaching its end, but the happy ending as described above didn’t end here.

The Tragedy Begins:

It all happened when all characters started to have different feelings and thoughts into the woods. Bakers started to thinking about his poor condition before having a baby. Cinderella soon got frustrated by all the formalities of royal family, Rapunzel who had been living in a tower remained scared of the outside world even with her prince and giant came down to get revenge from the royal families.

Agony begins:

True agony emerges when relationships starts to deteriorate. Cinderella leaves prince because he kisses bakers wife. Baker’s wife dies when she fells from the cliff. Rapunzel is lost by witch forever because witch ran with her prince. Red Robin Hood is saved from the attack of giant.

At the end:

To see the end, now you all have to watch into the wood by yourself.  One good thing about the movie is the emergence of twists in the story. The combination of various artistes’ stories and plots is superb and then the way all characters are shown to be intermingling, one character entering in the story of the other character.

Grabbing interest:

As the viewer draws near towards the end, the story line begins to get interesting. Even I was wondering when all looks so perfect and happy ending is approaching, so what will happen next. This step is mostly liked by the critics who called the diversion from happy ending to tragic ending, a bold step taken by the writer. When one watch such movie, the ending is normally predictable as people expect all to have what they desire and everyone to live a happy ending but in this case, it doesn’t happen.

A Good watch for All:

Into the woods is a good watch for all. It is not directed towards any particular age group or some target market, rather people belonging to all ages can safely watch this movie and enjoy.

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