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Alt left sucker-punches man and runs away after he refused to denounce white people amid rally

Written by Wamiq Ali

What a weak move! Stupid act by this alt left who sucker punched a man and ran away. The rally forced the man to say something against the white people but the man chose to not do it. The guy who punched the man should be charged with hate crime. Surely, this isn’t something to be ignored. Anyone has a right to protest against governments and people but sucker punching a guy and then running away isn’t something cool.

A Twitter user posted the video of this man assaulted amidst the rally. The video got 2.7K retweets in the initial hours. It’s getting viral with each passing hour and people are deeming it as a coward act to force someone go racist against white people. Rallies and protests are meant to be peaceful but creating false characters out of force is an act of cowardice.

You may watch the embedded video below and decide yourself for the man getting punched.

We aren’t yet sure about the place of the protest. During Trump administration, the alt left and alt right has probably become more important terms. Alt-left is a term which hasn’t any real identity so far but the term originated because of its opposite meaning to the alt-right term.

Alt-right considered as a bit extreme word, as some news organizations use ‘far-right’ term. Alt-right is a group which actually denounces immigrants, feminism, and homosexuality. It aims to create a state of white people with all the rules and ditching away the alt-left ideas.

You can google more on this term, as the actual post is against the alt left rally actions, so stick to it and stay liberal and more accepting.

Together we can create a better world!

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