Alaska swimmer disqualified as how swimsuit fit her body, an outcry reversed the decision

A high school student was deprived of her striking win in a swimming pool competition, because her swimsuit failed to follow the described level of modesty. The decision makers targeted the way swimsuit fit her body. However, the decision of her win was reinstated after an outcry was observed in different circles, since most of them wanted that the real deserving candidate was the first winner.

Brecklynn Willis is a member of the Dimond High School swim team, in Alaska. She took place in four events at a swim competition on Friday. She swam well and won the competition; however, the officials decided against her win. Upon enquiring the reason behind shifting the decision against her favour, the officials replied that during the competition her swimsuit slipped in a wrong direction and it revealed too much of her back, which violated a rule. Therefore, she had to be disqualified.

Brecklynn Willis enhancing her physical fitness to meet the standards of a perfect body shape

In a statement issued by the activities associaited, the unnamed official who disqualified Brecklyn Willis had also ordered to suspend the rule because it was pretty much vague. However, after facing an outcry the school’s activities association administration decided to revert their decision. The school announced that they (activities association) had de-notified the disqualification of Brecklynn Willis, and she was reinstated as a winner.

The Anchorage School District had lobbied the activities association to get the disqualification of Brecklynn Willis tossed out. The school later issued a statement that the student who faced disqualification had nothing to do with it, because she was merely wearing something issued by the school.

Brecklynn mother feels worried and calls it a sort of harassment

Mother of the winner feels that the notice of her daughter’s disqualification was actually a form of harassment. She said that her daughter was wearing the same kind of swimsuit which other competitors were wearing.

Brecklynn Willis with her younger sister, who also had run-ins with the referee (KTUU)

She was interviewed by CNN and she said that her daughter was a target of harassment. The official according to her had enforced a swimsuit modesty rule, which the National Federation of State High School Associations claim to be in effect everywhere around the USA.  However, the measure require that the officials of the association notify the coach/trainer of the concerned athlete if the concerned student suit is not well suited to the race due to some modesty issues. However, that was not the case with Brecklynn, the coach was not given any direction in this regards before the start of the race.

Coach praised her for being one of the best athletes

Dewayne Ingram praised Brecklynn for being one of the best athletes. He said that in his entire career of seven years, he witnessed Brecklynn to be one of the finest athletes. She started with 65-pound bench press and after a year was able to lift 150 pounds. He called her the best among the other athletes being trained.

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